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Past Projects

Read about the Section's past Good Works projects.

Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP)

The Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP) project help litigators/Law firms partner with homeless shelters or similar organizations which serve the homeless population and mobilize volunteer attorneys from local communities to provide regularly scheduled, one-hour, legal free clinic at the shelter.

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The American Bar Association Section of Litigation conducted advocacy training sessions for 30 lawyers from the Sudan to help build a strong case against those who are responsible for genocide in Darfur.

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Human trafficking is an increasingly complex and insidious problem in post-conflict Kosovo and throughout the war-torn Balkan region. The ABA Section of Litigation Human Trafficking and Organized Crime Task Force, through training and technical assistance, equips Balkan law enforcement, prosecutors, members of the judiciary, and victim advocates with the technical skills and motivation necessary to tackle this growing threat to their democracies.

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Hurricane Katrina and the September 11th Attacks impacted the United States and the Rule of Law in ways we had not experienced in a number of years. In response to these disasters the Section of Litigation formed a task force to consider how to protect the rule of law in times of disaster. The thought leadership provided by the Section resulted in the development of principles to guide government and lawyers during such times.

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Special Project on Haiti

In response to the massive earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, which left over 200,000 dead, over 300,000 injured, and at least one million Haitian citizens homeless the Section has responded to help restore the rule of law. The capacity of the court system was substantially diminished; at the same time, demand for legal services dramatically increased, the Section will address that need by training attorneys in legal advocacy skills.

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Civiletti Fund

Now a permanent endowment, maintained within the ABA Fund for Justice and Education—the charitable arm of the ABA, the Section has raised $750,000 in principal funds for the Civiletti Endowment over five years. Investment income earned from this principal, and your subsequent donations, will help to sustain the Section of Litigation’s public service programs, promoting a long-lasting impact in communities across the country.