Good Works Initiatives

The Section of Litigation proudly supports a number of good works projects created by the ABA. 

Death Penalty Representation Project

We are the ABA’s expert on issues related to legal representation in death penalty cases. Learn more about our work to educate the public, train defenders, recruit volunteers, and reform counsel systems.

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Commission on the American Jury

The Commission on the American Jury began in 2003 under the leadership of ABA President-Elect Robert J. Grey, Jr. His vision was to bring four ABA groups together to focus on the importance of the jury in the American democratic tradition as practiced at the beginning of the 21st Century by addressing key aspects of jury composition, comprehension, and culture.

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Working Group on Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants

The Working Group on Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants, established by past ABA President William Hubbard, represents a cross-section of ABA entities. The Working Group’s mission is to develop and implement a response to the critical need for pro bono representation of children in removal proceedings.

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Military Pro Bono Project

Learn how the ABA Military Pro Bono Project is delivering access to justice for military families and how you can get involved. It is an innovative online program that accepts civil case referrals directly from military attorneys (JAGs) worldwide, and then connects the referred servicemember clients with volunteer attorneys where representation is needed in the United States. The Section of Litigation has proudly supported the ABA Military Pro Bono Project since its launch in 2008.

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