The Benjamin R. Civiletti Justice Endowment

“The people of our country, particularly those who are poor or inarticulate or deprived, must have an accurate sense that the system of justice works for them and not against them.” With those words, President Jimmy Carter welcomed Benjamin R. Civiletti, a man of great integrity and commitment to justice, as the highest law enforcement officer of our land, the U.S. Attorney General.

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Now a permanent endowment, maintained within the ABA Fund for Justice and Education—the charitable arm of the ABA, the Section has raised $750,000 in principal funds for the Civiletti Endowment over five years. Investment income earned from this principal, and your subsequent donations, will help to sustain the Section of Litigation’s public service programs, promoting a long-lasting impact in communities across the country.

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Flagship Programs Supported by the Endowment

Children’s Rights Litigation Committee

The Children’s Rights Litigation Committee, a leader in serving the goal of ensuring and improving the representation of children in America and in addressing the needs of underrepresented children by providing crucial training to lawyers, judges, legislators, and children rights advocates.

Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP)

JIOP provides judicial internships for diverse law students who are traditionally underrepresented in the profession, involving them in the administration of justice and providing an invaluable experience in professional development and mentorship.