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Your donation helps these programs address crucial issues surrounding children’s rights, the judicial system, and diversity and inclusion in the profession.

Children's Rights

The Children's Rights Litigation Committee works to improve access to justice, engage pro bono lawyers, and improve outcomes for all children who come into contact with the legal system. As it works toward that vision, the committee exercises the unique ability to help local groups who are interested in starting or improving legal programs.

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Judicial Intern Opportunity Program

The Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP) provides internship opportunities to students who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups. Apply for JIOP or volunteer your time and resources.

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Committee on the American Judicial System

Protecting judicial independence and the rule of law. Preserving fair and impartial courts. Responding to unjust criticism of the judiciary and the media.

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Pro Bono Task Force

The Pro Bono Task Force assists legal aid organizations and their indigent clients by recruiting lawyers to work on their behalf. We provide meaningful work to our volunteers and help them do it well. In the process, we enthusiastically spread the word about the value of pro bono service.

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Benjamin R. Civiletti Fund

Now a permanent endowment maintained within the ABA Fund for Justice and Education, the charitable arm of the ABA, the Section has raised $750,000 in principal funds for the Civiletti Endowment over five years. Investment income earned from this principal, and your subsequent donations, will help to sustain the Litigation Section’s public service programs, promoting a long-lasting impact in communities across the country.

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Access to Justice

The Access to Justice Committee is dedicated to improving and increasing the availability of pro bono and low-cost legal services for lower-income and other vulnerable persons. Join the committee to work on social justice issues, to recognize exceptional individuals and organizations who advance the availability of effective and affordable legal services to persons in need, and to provide training in legal advocacy and fundraising for attorneys and programs that provide legal representation to persons in need.

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