October 05, 2011

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Managing Technology Overload

This webcast provides a series of easy, practical tips for managing the overload with your existing software and making use of the Internet to increase productivity and strengthen time management. The panelists provide a broad range of tips which are useful not only to practitioners who only occasionally use their computers, but also to the technology-savvy attorneys who are wired in all day, every day.


State Court Remedies for Consumers: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Assessing the Supreme Court Preemption Cases

This program explains the background of the cases, their importance to litigators in pharmaceutical and tobacco cases, and their broader potential impact on the availability of state common-law remedies against manufacturers of products subject to federal regulation.


The Supreme Court’s Recent Term: Holdings, Trends, and Analysis with Professor Erwin Chemerinsky

Join Kelly Overstreet Johnson for an insightful interview with Professor Chemerinsky that covers the key cases in the Supreme Court’s October 2008 Term. Professor Chemerinsky offers his insights into trends at the Court, including the important emerging cases.


General Counsel Forum: Strategies for Selecting and Managing Preferred Provider Law Firms in these Changing Times

How do you turn a preferred provider relationship into a true partnership where both the corporate client and law firm can win? Hear how GCs of Fortune 500 companies set priorities and make decisions using diverse perspectives. Learn how you and your firm can stand out and join a client’s “magic circle” in this new era.


I’m Late, I’m Late, for a Very Important Date... But Does It Matter? Notice and Prejudice in Occurrence and Claims-Made Insurance Policies

This teleconference and audio webcast covers the fundamentals of notice requirements for young lawyers and also explores more complex issues tailored to experienced practitioners, including notice to multiple insurers, notice of circumstances, and notice specificity requirements.


Electronic Discovery: Protecting Sensitive Data and Using it as Proof

This program is designed to provide practice tips to those seeking to use ESI as proof in business litigation, and maintaining protections against the improper use of ESI proof once placed on record.


Preparing for the Challenges of Child Witnesses

Approximately 8,000 children come to the United States each year without parents or family after fleeing their home countries due to the violence they witness or experience. Many have suffered persecution because of their gender, religion, or political opinions. This 90 minute teleconference focuses on the skills needed to work effectively with child witnesses.


The Do’s, Don’ts, and Ethical Issues of Corporate Investigations

Since the 1990s, the business world has been roiled by one corporate scandal after another, each with its own accompanying corporate investigation. Today, more and more companies are vesting legal counsel with a broad mandate to investigate conduct, fashion remedies and communicate findings, good or bad, to enforcement authorities.


Environmental Regulations: Compensable Takings or Permissable Legislation

With urbanization threatening natural resources, environmental regulations have become more important than ever. Some environmental regulations can severely limit the use and development of particular parcels of property. These types of environmental regulations may be the basis for a regulatory takings claim when they go too far.


The Last Thirty Days Before Trial

This teleconference is an excellent opportunity to hear seasoned trial lawyers provide practical trial advice on the crucial tasks to be accomplished in the last thirty days before trial.


Securities Fraud After Tellabs: The New Pleading Standard

The Supreme Court's decision in Tellabs Inc. v. Makor Issues & Rights, Ltd. institutes tough new class action requirements in securities cases. Are you prepared for the new rules? Can you prove the defendants had fraudulent intent? How much evidence will you need to avoid having your case thrown out?


The Ten Things Every Patent and Antitrust Practitioner Must Know After Recent Supreme Court Decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent term resulted in significant precedent that will have a far-reaching effects for patent and antitrust practitioners. Learn what you need to know before you handle your next patent or antitrust case.


Anatomy of Misconduct: Ethics and False Prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse Case

The lawyers representing the Duke Lacrosse players talk about the representation, the public opinions, prosecutorial misconduct, and how these things had an effect on the process.


E-Discovery in Practice: Effect of the Federal Rule Changes

Amendments to the Federal Rules on E-discovery went into effect late last year. Different courts have applied the rule changes differently. Some have basically ignored the rule changes. Others require lawyers to follow them closely. This seminar will address the most important changes and discuss how courts have applied the rules in practice, with particular emphasis on the Rule 16 and Rule 26 conferences with opposing counsel and the Judge.


Dazzling Results through PowerPoint in the Courtroom

This multimedia teleconference will demonstrate how to use PowerPoint to obtain dazzling results in the courtroom. Our skilled panelists will describe best practices for using PowerPoint, coordinating their discussion with the example PowerPoint slides that teleconference registrants can view over the Internet. Learn how to present the good and avoid the bad and ugly. And learn how to use these tools to persuade a judge and jury.


The Supreme Court’s Recent Term: Holdings, Trends and Analysis with Professor Chemerinsky

In this teleconference, Professor Chemerinsky offers his insights into trends at the Court, including the emerging importance of Justice Kennedy in the outcome of closely divided cases. This program should not be missed for those lawyers who want to be up to date on the Supreme Court’s recent pronouncements.



Securities Class Actions in a Global Economy: Investor Claims Against Non-U.S. Issuers

Over the past several years, U.S. courts have been host to an increasing number of investor claims against non-U.S. issuers arising out of predominantly foreign financial frauds. International financial scandals have spawned complex litigations both here and abroad, some of which have resulted in the largest class action settlements to date.


Discovery and Pre-Hearing Motions in Arbitration

This teleconference focuses on the delicate balance between what can, and should, be done in preparing for arbitration hearings. Differing from litigation, the pre-trial discovery attendant to lawsuits is not always available in arbitration.



Small Business Bankruptcy Practice under BAPCPA

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) significantly altered the rules and procedures governing small business bankruptcies and litigation regarding litigation plan confirmation. Though the changes for small businesses were intended to streamline the bankruptcy process, there are dire consequences when new requirements are not met.


Copyright Basics: What Litigators Need to Know to Protect Clients in the Internet Age

New technologies, the ease of digital duplication on the Internet, and a belief among some that copyrighted works are now free for the taking have sparked a rapid growth in copyright infringement. As a result, copyright owners must more vigorously and globally police the use of their copyrighted works.


Power Talk: How to Speak So People Will Listen

How is it that we express an idea or propose a solution to a problem only to be ignored, when five minutes or five days later, a colleague comes up with the same idea or the same solution and is greeted with praise and congratulations?


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