September 21, 2012

2012 Section of Litigation Annual Conference



Wednesday, April 18

“Anatomy of a Trial” Young Lawyers Trial Skills


Thursday, April 19

Former Attorneys General Roundtable

Putting Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes to the Test: Can ThisClass Be Certified?

Plunder or Blunder: E-Discovery in the Age of Social Media—Mining for Gold and Dodging the Silver Bullet

“Good Works Equals Good Business”

Litigating in the Digital Age: Tech Tips to Propel Your Case to Success

Top 5 Traps to Avoid in Preparing and Examining Expert Witnesses

Legal Writing from the Reader’s Perspective: Practical Tools for Clearly and Succinctly Delivering Your Message

U.S. v. General Custer, 2012

Hot Topics in Intellectual Property

Trial Tactics in a Diverse World

Back to Basics: Effective Opening Statements (The written materials will be available onsite)

Student Free Speech in the Age of Social Media, Texting, and Sexting

Corporate Internal Investigations: A Case Study Involving Special Committees, Auditors, and Antitrust on Protecting Privileged Information

Brave New World: Recent Developments in Federal and State False Claims Act Litigation

Fewer Dollars, Better and Faster Outcomes: Putting Federal Rule of Evidence 502 to Work for Your Clients

Effectively Representing Military Personnel and the Recently Discharged in Civilian Litigation

The U.S. Supreme Court: The Changing Art of Oral Advocacy

Children Sold, Children Detained, Children Enslaved: International Human Rights

“Who’s Liable Now?”: The Ever-Changing Face of Secondary Liability for Securities Fraud and the Definition of Materiality

How to Prevent a Runaway Arbitration

Trying a Complex Case in a Sound Bite World

How to Tell a Compelling Story in Any Case

The Federal Circuit: Guardian of Our Intellectual Property Crown Jewels

Internet and Social Media in the Forefront: Current Hot Issues and Developments

Mass Incarceration: Uncoupling Pipelines to Prison

State Supreme Court Justices Roundtable


Friday, April 20

National Security Law and Policy Forum

Two Decades of Daubert: Junk Science Replaced by Junk Rulings?

The D.C. Circuit: A Fascinating Court with Great Influence

Anatomy of a Data Breach: Developments in Data Security and Cloud-Computing Law

How Will the Federal Rules Change: Subpoenas, E-Discovery, and More: A Dialogue With the Advisory Committee

Marketing in the Social Media Age: How Women, Minorities, Solo Practitioners, and Small Law Firms can “Tweet” Themselves to the Front Page

Gay Marriage and the Law: Same-Sex Marriage Litigation and Defense of Marriage Act Repeal Efforts

Use a Mediator, Get Disbarred? Effective and Ethical Mediation Practices

Predictive Coding: Will Human Review Go the Way of the Dinosaur?

Xie Xie: Thanks for Using Our Drywall…and our Toxic Toys

The Art of Closing Argument

Ethics 20/20

The Lessons of the Raj Rajaratnam Trial: Be Careful Who’s Listening

Is Commercial Arbitration All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Legal Marketing in a Web 2.0 Environment: Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

View from the Bench: Why Bad Things Happen to Good Litigators

On Your Feet! Taking Oral Advocacy to the Next Level

Stranger in a Strange Land: Ethical and Compliance Challenges in International Disputes

Xavier or Magneto? Mentoring Lessons from the X-Men

Ethics Surrounding Attorney Fees: How to Agree to Them, Collect Them, Keep Them, and Persuasively Seek Them as Sanctions

Power Strategy for Effective Lay Witness Examination

Deposition Practice in Complex Cases: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Confirmation to the Federal Bench: An Inside Perspective

Under Scrutiny: The Civil, Criminal, Regulatory, and Insurance Fallout from Mortgage Foreclosures and Bank Failures

Maintaining Sanity in a Tough Economy

Where are the Lawyers? An Investigation of Access to Justice for Children with No Counsel