2012 Committee Joint CLE Seminar Table of Contents


2012 Environmental, Mass Torts and Products Liability Litigation Committees’ Joint CLE Seminar


1. Final Jeopardy Ethics Question: How Much Are You Willing to Bet on the Answer… Your License?

1.1 Tales from the Abyss

2. In-House Counsel Panel: The Substantive and Practical Challenges Faced by Today’s In-House Counsel

2.1 In-House Counsel Panel: Are Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFAS) the New Standard for Law Firms?

2.2 Fewer, Cheaper, Better: The Evolution of Buying Strategy for GCs

2.3 General Counsel: Using Law Firm Web Sites

2.4 How General Counsel Evaluates and Hires Law Firms

2.5 Panelists Tackle the Perennial Question: What do General Counsel Want?

2.6 Fullbright’s Report

3. Where to Draw the Line – When Can the Government Hire Private Lawyers to Prosecute Actions?

3.1 State Attorneys General: The People’s Champion

4. Riding the Next Wave of Mass Torts

4.1 Riding the Next Wave of Mass Torts

5. Endangered Species Act Litigation: Its Impacts on Climate Change, Energy and Chemical Law, Regulation and Policy

5.1 The Endangered Species Act – An Overview

5.2 Update on the Polar Bear – Endangered Species Act Multidistrict Litigation

5.3 The Endangered Species Act and Its Impact on Topical Environmental Issues

6. You’re Only Young Once: The Dos and Don’ts of Developing Business as a “Young Lawyer”

6.1 Neuroscience of Converting a Lead into a Client

6.2 Social Media for Lawyers

6.3 Nine Marketing Ideas That Can be Ethically Implemented

6.4 Websites that May Provide Business Leads

6.5 You Are Only Young Once

6.6 You Are Only Young Once – Worksheet

7. The Evolution of Multi-District Litigation

7.1 A View from the Panel – Part of the Solution

7.2 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation: “Reflections on the Panel’s Work”

7.3 Managing Multidistrict Litigation in Products Liability Cases – A Pocket Guide for Transferee Judges

7.4 Ten Steps to Better To a Better Management

8. Developments in Selection and Trial of Bellwether Cases

8.1 Recent Issues Arising in Multidistrict Litigation Bellwether Trials

8.2 Developments in Selection and Trial of Bellwether Cases

9. Scientific Issues Associated with Class Certification

9.1 Does Daubert Apply at Class Certification?

9.2 In re: Zurn Pex Plumbing Products Liability Litigation

10. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

10.1 Products Liability 2011: Year in Review

10.2 High Risk Jury Persuasion in Sports Product Litigation

10.3 The Current State of the Preemption Defense: Dead or Alive