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Article Series: 20 Years of Advocating for Youth

20 Years of Partnering with Young Leaders for Change
By Darla Bardine and Yorri Berry – September 24, 2018
Let us all dare to believe young people are capable, conscious, and courageous enough to help lead us in preventing youth and young adult homelessness.

20 Years of Lawyers Advocating for and with Youth Experiencing Homelessness
By Casey Trupin – July 9, 2018
The work of individual attorneys, private and corporate counsel, policymakers, and the youth themselves has started to flip the legal system to one that is proactive.

Rejecting Harsh Sentences for Children: 20 Years of Sentencing Reform
By Heather Renwick – July 9, 2018
The movement to end life sentences for children is critical because the practice is a human rights violation that disproportionately affects children of color and children who have experienced trauma.

Radical Imagination, Fearless Lawyering
By Cathy Krebs – July 9, 2018
Quotes, ideas, and thoughts from the day-long symposium on 20 years of work by children’s rights advocates.

20 Years of Advocating for LGBTQ Youth in Out-of-Home Care
By M. Currey Cook and Cathren Cohen – April 17, 2018
Change has come for many of these unofficial exceptions of youth services, but full inclusion still eludes far too many.

Plucked from Legislative History: A Review of Major Reforms and Their Impact on Children in the Past 20 Years
By Nicole Scialabba – April 17, 2018
An evaluation on whether proposed impacts of major reforms and legislation of the past two decades align with actual impacts.

20 Years of Policy Advocacy Against Zero Tolerance: A Critical Review
By Rosa K. Hirji – January 16, 2018
Policy solutions are short-lived; instead, advocates need to respond to the attacks on the very nature of public education and the reversal of federal structures that protect civil rights.

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