October 27, 2017 Practice Points

Advice on Balancing Demand of Work and Life

Wisdom from a mentor.

By Young Advocates Committee

“As much as possible, try to savor your time at work while you are there, and try to savor your time away from work after you have left the office.

Feeling guilty about not being with your family or missing out on a social event while you’re at the office is a horrible feeling. So is the feeling of worrying about work obligations while you’re out trying to enjoy yourself.

So immerse yourself in your files, enjoy the intellectual challenge of the work and the relationships you develop with colleagues. And when you are not at work, enjoy your downtime—socialize, exercise, relax—and try not to guilt yourself for not being at work.”

This great piece of advice comes from Katherine Reilly, partner at McMillan, LLP, who received this pearl of wisdom from a female mentor early on in her career and thinks about it often in balancing her day-to-day life. 

Jessica Pieri is legal counsel and a research analyst at the House Republican Office of the Connecticut General Assembly.

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