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April 17, 2017 Practice Points

Advice for Mentors and Mentees

Some of the best mentoring relationships are the ones that happen organically.

By Jessica Pieri

Some of the best mentoring relationships are the ones that happen organically. If possible, seek out a mentor who you are excited to learn from or feel connected with in some way. That way you will both get more out of it, and hopefully you will develop a mentor/mentee relationship that lasts for years to come.

That advice comes from Katherine Reilly, partner at McMillan, LLP, who in looking back at her past mentor/mentee relationships, had this to say, “mentoring and being mentored has brought a richness to my day-to-day practice of law that I never expected when I started out as a young lawyer. Being taken under someone’s wing at an early stage, and then being able to pass that on and help junior lawyers grow and develop is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job.”

Jessica Pieri is an associate with the Law Offices of Alfred F. Morrocco and Associates in Bristol, Connecticut.

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