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What you need to know in a quick-to-read format. Find all of the Young Advocates Committee’s practice points in this archive.


The Basics of Chapter 11 Liquidating Trusts
By Fred Pape – April 6, 2021
A beginner’s guide to a bankruptcy mechanism that has become increasingly relevant due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three Mistakes Young Attorneys Make in Mediation Before Beginning Negotiations
By Demetrius Pyburn – January 4, 2021
Many litigators attend law school and receive no formal education on how to represent a client at mediation.

The Future of Commercial Dispute Resolution: Tips for Young Advocates
By Gannon G. Beaulne – January 4, 2021
The practice of law is changing. Young advocates should embrace technology and arbitration to stay ahead of the curve.


The Art of Persuasion
By Young Advocates Committee – May 28, 2020
Ways we can enhance our persuasion skills in trial and appellate courts by using principles of classical rhetoric.


Healthy Eating for On-the-Go Professionals
By Kim Arnold – February 28, 2019
Don’t let a busy schedule sabotage your health. Stay on track with these five simple strategies.

How to Ask for Client Feedback to Grow Your Practice
By Rachel Friedman – January 17, 2019
Follow these tips to use client feedback to fuel business development results.


What You Really Need to Know When You're Going Small
By Demetrius Pyburn – December 31, 2018
A recent committee Roundtable explored several issues to consider when moving to a small law practice.

Dear Attorneys (and Other Humans): Write Better Emails
By Kailee Goold – November 16, 2018
Think and write like a businessperson. It will save time and earn you favor with clients.

How VRBOs Are Affecting All Parties Involved: Understanding the Issues Around Innovative VRBOs
By Demetrius Pyburn – October 30, 2018
A few key takeaways from a recent Young Advocates Committee Roundtable.

Cracking the In-House Counsel Code
By Saša Trivunić – October 24, 2018
In-house attorneys from various organizations offer advice for their law-firm counterparts.

7 Questions to Get You Through Any Challenge
By Paula Davis-Laack – March 29, 2018
Whether you’re dealing with a minor adversity or going through a big life crisis, here are seven questions you can ask yourself that will give you some perspective and build your resilience.

Propounding Written Discovery Requests
By Michelle Molinaro Burke – February 28, 2018
Practical advice on a common task in a young litigator's career.

What Resilient Lawyers Do Differently
By Paula Davis-Laack – February 27, 2018
Lawyer personality research reveals that lawyers as a population tend to be quite low in resilience.

Making Sure the Correct 30(b)(6) Witness Is Produced in Response to Your Notice
By Michelle Molinaro Burke – January 31, 2018
Who should the corporation designate to testify on its behalf?


How to Draft Effective Opposition and Reply Briefs
By Stewart Edelstein – December 8, 2017
Effective opposition and reply briefs can make all the difference. Here's how to make the most of your unique opportunity to rebut opposing counsel's contentions.

Voices of Recovery Podcast Series
By ABA CoLAP – November 10, 2017
The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs debuted the first of a series of podcasts that will address substance use disorders, mental health issues, addiction, and recovery issues. Episode 1 features attorney Laurie Besden, the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, who shares her battles with alcohol and drug addiction.

Advice on Making Mistakes
By Jessica Pieri – October 30, 2017
Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Advice on Balancing Demand of Work and Life
By Young Advocates Committee – October 27, 2017
Wisdom from a mentor.

Three Easily Avoidable Email Mistakes
By Jessica Pieri – July 27, 2017
Take a second before you hit send.

How to Make Sure Your Negotiation Statements Don’t Cross the Ethical Line
By Stewart Edelstein – July 27, 2017
There are three situations where your duty to disclose may arise.

How to Nurture Your Support Group—and Yourself
By Stewart Edelstein – June 27, 2017
Have a satisfying and effective work-life balance.

Tips for Mastering Your Answers During Oral Arguments
By Stewart Edelstein – June 27, 2017
How you answer judges’ questions at oral argument can determine whether you win or lose.

How to Develop In-Person Networking Skills
By Stewart Edelstein – May 13, 2017
Take advantage of opportunities to market yourself.

Tips for Finding a Mentor
By Jessica Pieri – April 19, 2017
Mentors offer invaluable advice for young attorneys, but the thought of finding a good mentor can be overwhelming.

Advice for Mentors and Mentees Part II
By Jessica Pieri – April 18, 2017
Follow up with your mentor.

How to Advance in Your Career by Getting Useful Feedback
By Stewart Edelstein – April 17, 2017
Ever since Odysseus trusted his friend, Mentor, to be a tutor and wise advisor to his son, Telemachus, mentors have imparted their knowledge to those eager to learn.

Advice for Mentors and Mentees
By Jessica Pieri – April 17, 2017
Some of the best mentoring relationships are the ones that happen organically.

How to Get Past Impasse in Mediation
By Stewart Edelstein – March 14, 2017
It’s late afternoon in a one-day mediation. The parties are at an impasse. What are some ways to reach resolution?

How to Avoid Waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege in Email Exchanges
By Stewart Edelstein – February 13, 2017
Emailing your client can be hazardous to the attorney-client privilege, unless you are very conscientious.

Billing Tips for Young Lawyers: How NOT to Let Billing Become the Bane of Your Existence
By Katherine A. Reilly – February 8, 2017
Make good billing practices become second nature.

As Local Counsel: How to Be Effective and Not Commit Malpractice
By Stewart Edelstein – January 17, 2017
Although you are not lead counsel, you are more than just a virtual messenger.

How I Survived My First Motions Argument
By Jessica Pieri – January 4, 2017
Every attorney has had a first day in court.


What You Need to Know about the Most Recent Federal Rules Amendments
By Stewart Edelstein – December 22, 2016
Are you up to date on the significant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure from just over a year ago?

Five Tips for Effective Communication for Young Lawyers
By Jessica Pieri – November 30, 2016
Simple guidelines to keep your career on track.

Tips for Transitioning from Law Student to Attorney
By Cashida Okeke – November 22, 2016
Practical insight and advice for recent law-school graduates.

Tips for Making a Lasting Impression When Networking
By Jessica Pieri – October 24, 2016
Doing these few things right in the beginning can help you to make a memorable impression and get you off to the right start in advancing your career.

Gender Pay Gap Among Law Firm Partners
By Jessica Pieri – October 17, 2016
Are clients willing to pay more for male work over female work? Or is it the firm structure?

EEOC Will Not Tolerate Transgender Employee Discrimination
By Katheryn A. Mills – August 30, 2016
Employers should know their responsibilities with respect to transgender employees' rights.

Colorado Joins List of States Applying Heightened Pleading Standard
By Greg S. Hearing – July 29, 2016
A recent decision provides corporate practitioners and their local counsel with another means to address suits against the companies they represent.

Greater Discretion for Treble Damages in Infringement Cases
By Laura Raden and Gavin Tisdale – July 21, 2016
The impact of Halo on the patent community could be significant.

SCOTUS Case Provides Lesson for Representing Debtors and Creditors
By Jared Shwartz – January 25, 2016
The Court will determine whether the protections of the ECOA extend not only to a borrower in a credit transaction, but to guarantors of borrowed funds as well.

Build Business by Being Credible
By Stephanie McCoy Loquvam – January 13, 2016
Be prompt, be thorough, and be right.


Tips for Using Social Media Wisely
By Dave Scriven-Young – December 29, 2015
Two recent cases remind us how important it is to be careful when posting to social-media accounts.

After Winning Suit, Beastie Boys Unable to Recover Most of Their Attorney Fees
By David Dobin – June 30, 2015
You gotta fight for your right to hire expensive lawyers.

SCOTUS: PPACA Provides Tax Credits for Insurance Purchases Nationwide
By David Dobin – June 30, 2015
The Court upheld the critical section 36B of the Affordable Care Act.

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Judicial Campaign Solicitation
By Justin L. Heather – April 30, 2015
The scope of Williams-Yulee will be important for many states beyond Florida.

NFL Gives Up Tax-Exempt Status
By Justin L. Heather – April 30, 2015
The status as a non-profit saved the league only about $10 million annually.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Alabama Gerrymandering
By Justin L. Heather – April 30, 2015
The Court held that the district court’s analysis of the racial-gerrymandering claim as referring to the state “as a whole,” rather than on a district-by-district basis, was erroneous.

SCOTUS: Traffic Stop Prolonged for Dog Sniff Violates Fourth Amendment
By Jared Shwartz – April 30, 2015
The Court held in Rodriguez v. United States that absent reasonable suspicion to investigate for drugs, a dog sniff conducted after the completion of a traffic stop constitutes an unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

FAA Announces Proposed Drone Regulations
By David Dobin – March 10, 2015
The FAA announced proposed rules for drones following an NTSB ruling that the FAA has authority to regulate small, unmanned aerial systems.

Inadmissible Social-Media Evidence Vacates Conviction
By David Dobin – March 10, 2015
The Second Circuit vacated a conviction due to insufficient authentication of social-media evidence.

Jury Finds Palestinian Authority Responsible for Terrorist Attacks
By David Dobin – March 4, 2015
A jury in the Southern District of New York found the Palestinian Authority responsible for terrorist attacks and awarded damages of over $200 million.

SCOTUS Opinion a Bridge over Troubled Waters?
By Justin L. Heather – February 28, 2015
The Supreme Court addressed a long-standing water-use dispute between Kansas and Nebraska, modifying prior agreed-to accounting procedures.

FCC Issues Groundbreaking Internet Rules
By Justin L. Heather – February 27, 2015
The FCC established new rules for Internet broadband based on “net neutrality,” endeavoring to protect openness and access for consumers.

Dr. Seuss Constitutes Valid, Binding Authority For SCOTUS Dissent?
By Justin L. Heather – February 26, 2015
The Supreme Court reversed a conviction under 18 U.S.C. § 1519 for improperly disposing of undersized fish; Justice Kagan cites Dr. Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish in dissent.

The Last Frontier Gets a Bit Wilder
By Justin L. Heather – February 26, 2015
Alaska becomes the third state to legalize marijuana use, allowing possession for those over the age of 21.

Dismissal from Multidistrict Litigation Triggers Appeal Rights
By Justin L. Heather – January 31, 2015
The Supreme Court ruled that dismissal of a discrete case transferred as part of MDL is a final decision triggering appeal rights and that party need not await decision with respect to the entire MDL matter before seeking appellate review.

Supreme Court to Review Same-Sex Marriage
By Justin L. Heather – January 31, 2015
Supreme Court to consider Sixth Circuit decision upholding states’ rights to define marriage.

Personal Branding Is Important for Rainmaking and Networking
By Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet – January 31, 2015
Developing a strong personal brand within your organization and on the Internet can help generate business and networking opportunities.

Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado over Marijuana Laws
By Scott Klausner – January 5, 2015
State attorneys general of neighboring states seek Supreme Court authority to file suit over Colorado’s legalization of marijuana.