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Rainmaker Spotlight on Business Attorney Andrew D. Frederick

An attorney with close to 15 years of practice shares his keys to business development.

By Demetrius Pyburn
"The hardest thing about business development is believing you’re going to succeed."

"The hardest thing about business development is believing you’re going to succeed."

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Welcome to the Young Advocates Committee’s Rainmaker Spotlight series! This series features tips and lessons from senior attorneys and successful business developers.

Developing business is an extremely important step to becoming a successful attorney. As a new attorney, how do you begin to develop client relationships? The best people to answer this question are the rainmakers of the legal industry, who have landed the big clients, created a brand, and established themselves as successful business developers. In this series, we explore practical issues and get the benefit of real-life anecdotes from those who have not only survived but thrived. We thought what better way than to get our advice straight from the horse’s mouth!

In this issue, we feature Andrew D. Frederick, a business attorney with The Frederick Law Firm, LLC, in Greenville, South Carolina. He is a highly effective attorney who took a chance and opened a law firm after practicing for six-plus years as a prosecutor and in a larger law firm, concentrating in employment defense litigation. He serves many small businesses as their outside general counsel, providing services for small businesses that cannot afford to hire in-house counsel. He assists small businesses in reviewing and negotiating contracts, assesses regulatory risks, offers potential solutions to mitigate those risks, and brings actions on behalf of business owners in an effort to resolve business disputes.

Below are Frederick’s insights into business development.

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