June 07, 2019 Articles

The Power of a Referral Network: Rainmaker Spotlight Interview with Jane Langan Mach

An experienced female litigator talks about how a strong referral network can help you generate business.

By Young Advocates Committee

Welcome to the YAC’s Rainmaker Spotlight series! This series features tips and lessons from senior lawyers and successful business developers. We explore practical issues and get the benefit of real-life anecdotes from those who have not only survived but thrived.

Developing business is an important step to becoming a successful attorney. As a new lawyer, how do you begin to build your practice and develop client relationships? The best people to answer these questions are the rainmakers of the legal industry—the people who have landed the big clients, created a brand, and established themselves as successful business developers.

In this edition, we hear from Jane Langan Mach, a partner at Rembolt Ludtke in Lincoln, Nebraska. She focuses primarily on family law issues, particularly complex divorce, paternity, custody, child support, and adoption matters, including both trial and appellate work. 

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