February 13, 2018 Articles

Business Development Happens in Small Steps

How to make the most of those little pockets of time—even on the busiest of days.

By Allison Wolf

I’ll get to it after this project is done.

I am really busy right now; I’ll make time for this once I am caught up.

Have you ever thought something like this? You can have the best, most strategic marketing plan and the ripest opportunities within your grasp, but the “there’s not enough time” mind-set will stop momentum and prevent real business success every time.

Nodding your head right about now? You are not alone. In my experience, this “not now, later” thinking is what throws most lawyers off the path of their best-intentioned plans and causes them to spend money calling up coaches like me for accountability.

Here’s what is important to know: a lot of business development happens in small steps—often very small steps.

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