May 17, 2018 Articles

Setting Yourself Up for Success in Business Development

Business development is merely a by-product of relationship building, professional development, and knowledge management.

By Scott Baena

Welcome to the YAC Rainmaker Spotlight series! This series features tips and lessons from successful senior litigators and business developers.

In this issue, we feature Scott Baena, one of the founding members of Bilzin Sumberg, who is generally regarded as a “dean” of the bankruptcy and restructuring bar. Baena has spent the past four decades counseling high-visibility clients in some of the nation’s largest and most complex bankruptcy proceedings, including Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, P.A. (which stemmed from the billion-dollar Ponzi scheme perpetrated by attorney Scott Rothstein); TOUSA Homes, Inc.; MDI Holdings, Inc.; and Heilig-Meyers. Today, Baena serves in a senior role in bankruptcy and restructuring matters handled by Bilzin Sumberg and oversees the firm’s business and professional development programs.

Baena was kind enough to share with us the story of the evolution of his practice and his secrets to business development.

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