January 11, 2017 Articles

Six Questions to Ask the Partner Before Starting Your Research Assignment

Asking these six questions should help make your partner happy and bring you that much closer to the trial in your daydream.

By Bethany Rabe

You’re at your desk when you get the call. That partner you’ve been hoping to work with has a research assignment for you. This could be your in. You start to hum the tune to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “My Shot.” You are young, scrappy, and hungry, you think to yourself; and if you do well, one thing will lead to another—and soon you’ll be handling trials.

You finish your closing argument, and the courtroom erupts in a crescendo of spontaneous applause. Opposing counsel hangs his head. The jury stares in open admiration. A Hollywood exec rushes over with a contract for a movie about your life.

Hey! Snap out of it. First things first. Take some advice now; revel in victory later. 

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