July 31, 2017 Articles

Six Research Pitfalls to Avoid

The perils of cutting and pasting, issue drift, citing good law from bad cases, and more.

By Bethany Rabe

You’re feeling pretty good: You think you’ve found the perfect answer to the research question. You print it out, highlight it, and hand-carry it to the partner’s office. She’s going to be grateful, you think. Impressed, even. She may even talk you up at the shareholders’ meeting. Your future is bright.

If this were a movie, however, ominous music would be playing and the audience would be screaming “Turn back! Turn back!” Why? You’ve made one of the mistakes outlined below. Turning in this assignment spells certain doom. Don’t do it! Read on to turn this movie from a horror film into a biopic about the greatest lawyer who ever lived.

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