December 13, 2017 Articles

What to Do (and What Not to Do) as You Build Your Practice

A female litigator and rainmaker dishes on the secrets to her success, including how she landed her biggest client, and how to recover from a business development blunder.

By Katherine Reilly

Business development is hard. No one knows this better than the rainmakers of the legal industry. In this YAC Rainmaker Spotlight series, we present tips and lessons from senior lawyers and successful business developers, exploring practical issues and benefiting from the real-life anecdotes of those who have not only survived but thrived.

In this issue, we feature Teresa Dufort, CEO and managing partner of McMillan LLP, a Canadian full-service business law firm that has offices all across Canada and one in Hong Kong. Dufort, who is based in Toronto, Ontario, is a renowned litigator and leads the firm’s Product Liability Defence group. She is also a successful business developer and acts as counsel to numerous leading American, European, Asian, and Canadian manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial products.

Katherine Reilly conducted the interview with Dufort.

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