December 13, 2017 Articles

Tips on Building a Healthy Culture Within Your Firm

Some simple tips and options for incorporating healthy habits and promoting a team-oriented atmosphere in your workplace.

By Cheryl Sept

Fostering engaged lawyers and staff—those who want to work hard, treat clients and coworkers respectfully, promote your firm, and give back to the community—is arguably the most important component of running a successful team. One way to do this is to focus on employee well-being.

By offering methods for your coworkers and staff to improve their mental and physical wellness, you will not only increase the personal happiness and work satisfaction of your colleagues, but you will also improve the client experience. Happy, healthy, engaged lawyers will provide infinitely better service to clients than those who are not provided with the tools to manage their stress and physical health.

Given that we practice in a profession especially susceptible to stress and addiction, it is particularly important to focus on the health and well-being of attorneys and support staff.

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