March 12, 2015 Articles

Young Lawyers Must Create a Career Plan

Helpful tips for young lawyers for taking charge of their career, whether it be by promotion or obtaining a new position.

By Justin L. Heather

Over the course of most of our lives, we have had clearly defined goals and plans to achieve those goals, whether we have realized it or not. Generally speaking, we all graduated from high school, did well on ACTs or SATs, graduated from college, tested well on LSATs, graduated from law school, and, most importantly, passed the bar. There were planned curricula, organized activities, as well as parents, teachers, and counselors to help along the way. No such structure exists for the practicing lawyer; we must plot our own legal course.

All lawyers have, or should have, their own plan for their legal career. This article is not meant to necessarily determine what that plan should be. Rather, it is meant to provide useful tools for accomplishing your ultimate career goal. Whether it be making partner, opening your own shop, going in-house, or returning to academia, it is hoped that these tips will help you achieve your career objectives.

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