January 13, 2014 Articles

Advice from a Young Lawyer: Going Solo

Take ownership in something you love to do.

By Wingsze W. Sun

Today, many lawyers face the possibility of opening a law practice, applying with a law firm, or not practicing law at all. It is a tough decision that many will encounter if they are new to a geographic area or have not already been employed while in law school. For many, being solo can be by choice or it can be simply a necessity to survive in this profession.

About four years ago, I was faced with a tough situation of leaving my law-clerking job in oil country with lawyers who were my first legal role models and whom I admired, because I chose not to be one of those couples that live apart. Opening my own law practice was something that I fell into—slowly. Why did I make this decision? Because my goal is and always was to have ownership in whatever I was doing. I wanted to see the results of my hard work.

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