August 18, 2014 Articles

The Future Is Now: Using Interactive Technology for Today's Courtroom

A modern jury will benefit from incorporating the latest devices into your presentation.

By Chris Broyles

We are just over one year away from the date on which 1989’s Back to the Future 2 had Marty McFly revisit Hill Valley in the future to save his kids. When Doc Brown punched in October 21, 2015, on his classic DeLorean time machine, we were welcomed to a world of hoverboards, holographic movie placards, and some downright silly sci-fi fashion choices. What is amazing, of course, is that some of the movie’s prescient concepts have indeed come true in the 25 years since the movie was released: hands-free/controller-free gaming (via Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect), a media-wide technological playground for all things 3D, a world of a 1,000 TV channels, handheld tablets, wall-mounted screens, an MLB team in Miami, and a general heads-down obsession with personal computers and devices.

As fun as it is to look at this movie now (and to think ahead to 2015 and beyond), it is very interesting to see how some of this technology has not only come to be but is now being used by professionals in all walks of life, including in our industry. Litigation consultants and presentation consultants are currently brainstorming and adapting some of these ideas (once thought of as far-fetched) into means of helping attorneys and their support teams better tell their stories to the triers of fact in courtrooms around the country.

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