November 17, 2014 Articles

Three Strategies to Becoming a Legal Rainmaker

Advice from a seasoned lawyer.

By Steve Fretzin

When successful attorneys speak about what it takes to “make it rain” in today's legal industry, it pays to listen. I recently interviewed Mike Delrahim, managing partner of Brown, Udell, Pomerantz & Delrahim, LTD, and he clarified how he is able to generate business while also taking extra special care of his clients.

Mike began his legal career closing small real-estate transactions, and this is where he happened on something that allowed him to dramatically grow his practice. At each closing, Mike started asking his clients questions about their business. The answers revealed a myriad of needs that did not necessarily fall under the heading of “real estate.” With this new information in hand, Mike intuitively directed his clients on how he might better serve them, leading to expanded business opportunities.

Posing intelligent, thought-provoking questions to clients was only one step toward Mike becoming a rainmaker. During our conversation, Mike shared a variety of other steps he has taken to become successful in “making it rain.” Here are a few of his strategies and some thoughts of my own.

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