November 17, 2014 Articles

Looking to Senior Lawyers and Local Counsel for Guidance

Lawyers should consult with more experienced lawyers and local counsel on both in-state and out-of-state matters to comply with local practice and custom.

By Justin Heather

No matter their level of experience, lawyers should consult with more experienced colleagues and local counsel for guidance. The most obvious reason is the old adage, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” The need for consultation, however, goes much deeper. From form files and firm practices to local rules and practices, lawyers have much to learn from those with experience in a particular jurisdiction or a specific area of law or procedural issue.

The following highlights a few areas where lawyers should strongly consider seeking advice from others more experienced in a particular jurisdiction. These examples are far from exhaustive. Rather, they are meant to highlight several areas where local practice or custom must be adhered to so as to avoid difficulties. Ignorance of local rules and customs may result in either the denial of requested relief or undermining your client’s position.

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