January 17, 2013 Articles

You've Got Our Attention; Now Give Us Your Ideas

Today's young lawyers are tomorrow's leaders, and we need to hear more of their great ideas.

By William R. Bay

One of my proudest moments at the ABA Section of Litigation’s Fall Leadership Meeting in St. Louis in September was looking out into the crowd and seeing so many new faces. In planning this event, we made an extra effort to include more committee leaders, many of them talented young attorneys from around the country. I did this for one major reason: Young attorneys have great ideas, and we need to hear more from them.

These leaders are ambitious, energetic, and connected across the country via social media. At our all-day leadership workshop, they huddled at tables and brainstormed new ideas for leadership, which we live-blogged and projected onto four large screens. The ideas sprang from every corner. Longtime bar leaders described it as an innovative and energizing leadership workshop. And, I give the credit to the young attorneys who stepped up, collaborated, and let their ideas be heard.

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