January 17, 2013 Articles

Advice to Outside Counsel on Generating Business

Attracting clients takes concerted effort over a long period of time. One young attorney attempts to dispel the mystery of generating new business.

By Thomas A. Loquvam

There is no secret to generating business. That doesn’t mean it is easy. But let’s dispel the sense of mystery.

As a law firm associate, I wandered aimlessly around the halls of client attraction. Such wandering took many forms, but it generally manifested as concerns over what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to. Then I caught a break and landed an in-house position at a large company. I no longer needed to attract clients for purposes of expanding my anemic “book of business.”

And now I am on the inside looking out. The more I practice law as in-house counsel, the more perspective I develop on client attraction. It’s not that I have had recent, earth-shattering revelations. I encountered most, if not all, of the suggestions raised below at various points in my career. I now know that people gave me these suggestions for a reason—they work.

The following advice stems solely from my experience. They may not apply to everyone. But they hopefully answer a few questions.

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