August 12, 2013 Articles

Just the Facts on Antitrust Litigation

A lawyer with a zeal for antitrust law describes a practice that can change on a daily basis.

By Young Advocates Committee

An Interview with Meghan Edwards-Ford


How did you choose to practice in antitrust litigation? Is there anything that or anyone who drew you into this area? 
I became an antitrust lawyer for two primary reasons. First, I chose antitrust because of the varied nature of the practice. In a given week I could be drafting a motion to dismiss, doing work related to getting a merger cleared through the antitrust agencies (the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)), helping a company through state or federal non-merger investigation, and counseling a client on the antitrust implications of a proposed action. Second, I was interested in the economic underpinnings of antitrust law.

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