June 07, 2012 Articles

Mentoring for Today: The Basics

Connections with people inside and outside the firm will ensure you truly learn the ropes.

By Louise A. LaMothe

The first few months, and even years, of work for many young lawyers pass in a blur. Just learning how to understand and complete the projects you are given seems to be a full-time job But as you develop your career and choose a path that suits your temperament, you should think about connecting with others in your workplace and in your client and professional relationships. These connections will enhance your satisfaction throughout your years in the legal profession. One of the most important aspects of learning your workplace is to find a mentor (or two) because a mentor can make a significant difference in smoothing your way.

Learning how to advance is more complicated than “do the work on your desk.” You need to learn how to gain the right kinds of projects and client experiences, how to stand out for the right reasons, and how to deal with the inevitable bad days. A mentor’s insights can help you learn from your experiences and move forward on a career path that will give you greater satisfaction.

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