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The One Habit of Highly Effective Rainmakers: Develop a "Big Rocks" Strategy

By Jeff Dennis – November 14, 2019 | The only way to craft an effective and sustainable practice strategy is to organize your time and energy around a few core goals.

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"Oh, You're a Lawyer! Can I Ask You Something?"

By Rachel Harris – November 14, 2019 | There are tools on the rise in many states that can help your friends and relatives diagnose their legal issues—so that you don't have to.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Innovative Pro Bono Program Allows Volunteer Attorneys to Defend Tenants Against Evictions

By Jyoshu Tsushima and James Mackey – October 23, 2018 | The Legal Aid Society of Columbus, Ohio sponsors the Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP), which pairs volunteer attorneys with tenants facing evictions. With short, limited representation, attorneys defend against evictions, protecting clients against the downward spiral of poverty associated with an eviction. (17:04 min.)

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How to Succeed in Negotiation

In this Sound Advice, Stewart Edelstein provides valuable tips on all aspects of a negotiation, including: effective preparation, whether to make the first offer, and different styles of negotiation and when they are best employed. (18:12 min.)

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Learn how to get involved with the Young Advocates Committee and maximize your Section membership!