August 23, 2017

What Is the Risk That You Took (or Didn't Take) In Your Career That You Most Regret—or Are Most Satisfied With?

May 20, 2014

Full disclosure, I am a risk taker. My comfort level with taking risks comes from my years playing and coaching college women’s basketball before applying to law school. You cannot score if you do not take the shot, right?

A recent and rewarding risk I have taken in my legal career was moving from a high-stakes litigation boutique to a smaller minority-owned civil practice law firm, White & Wiggins, LLP. I knew little about W&W, with the exception of partner Camille Stearns Miller, whom I highly respect. Quickly, I learned about the firm’s history as the senior minority-owned law firm in North Texas and the importance of its presence in the Dallas Bar.

Notwithstanding the firm’s history, my friends who practice at large majority-owned law firms questioned my decision to move to a smaller firm. In the end, I had to rely on faith. Fortunately, I currently work in a more collegial environment with professionals who are zealous advocates, but more importantly, good people. As a working mother and wife, W&W provides me the opportunity to manage my work-life commitments without affecting my goal to always provide quality legal services and counsel to my clients.

This time, I scored.


Amy M. Stewart is a senior associate with White & Wiggins, LLP, in Dallas, Texas.

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