August 23, 2017

How Does Technology Help with Your Efforts to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

August 27, 2013

Technology can be very helpful and, at the same time, very intrusive, in my efforts to manage my life. Being the mother of three teenagers (15, 17, and 19), I find texting an extremely valuable tool. It allows me to stay in touch with the kids, and my husband, from work. Texting also allows me to share little notes or interesting news with my family. And I love being able to dictate texts and messages—it saves so much time! On the other hand, I often fall prey to a feeling that life cannot go on unless I check my phone every few minutes. I cannot count the times I’ve opened an email on the weekend and wished I hadn’t, or allowed my sleep to be interrupted by the little tone that means someone new has connected with me on LinkedIn. I am drawn to the phone because the information available from clients and coworkers is so fascinating. I am glad for that. I do think it is important to set limits, however. Oftentimes that means turning the phone or the tablet upside down, or leaving it in a different room, because it is important to have some disconnected time, too.


Teresa M. Beck is a partner with Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos in San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.


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