October 06, 2015 Practice Points

McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2015 Analysis

By Trish O'Prey

A study of 118 companies and nearly 30,000 employees by McKinsey & Company and Lean In concludes that there is work to be done in order for gender equality to be reached in corporate America. The study concludes that:

•Women are still underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline despite the fact that women are not leaving companies at higher rates than men or due to difficulties of balancing work and family. Based on the slow rate of progress, it will take 25 years to reach gender parity at the senior-VP level and more than 100 years in the C suite.

•Women face obstacles on the path to senior leadership because fewer women hold roles that lead to the C suite and have lower odds of reaching senior leadership.

•Women are four times more likely than men to think they have fewer opportunities to advance because of their gender—and are twice as likely to think their gender will make it harder for them to advance in the future.

The study recommends a number of means to try to close the gender gap at senior levels, including tracking key metrics and setting gender targets and holding leaders accountable. The study cites emerging evidence that companies that set gender targets for recruiting and advancement will realize better outcomes.

Keywords: woman advocate, litigation, McKinsey, gender equality, senior level, VP level, leadership, opportunities, workplace, profession

Trish O'Prey works at GE Corporation in New York, New York

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