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April 01, 2013 Practice Points

March 21, 2013 Regional Gathering Report

By Evelyn Storch & Heather White

WAC Regional MeetingChairs, Heather White and Evelyn Storch, are thrilled to report on the resounding success of the March 21, 2013 Regional Gathering featuring, Carol Frohlingerof Negotiating Women, Inc., co-author of Her Place at the Table and Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It, who presented remarksvia national teleconference, regarding second-generation discrimination issues and how they impact business development. We had record attendance at 32 official locations from coast to coast, with one more addition after the flyers were circulated. We also  had numerous members calling in from their own locations to hear the presentation.

What a presentation it was! Carol was stimulating, entertaining, and enlightening. She identified the insidious discrimination issues that still exist and the implications for us women lawyers in building our book of business. Best of all, she provided practical solutions and offered wonderful advice. She was scheduled to speak for a half hour, but we had to extend her time, because there were so many questions from our groups and she was so informative, we just couldn’t let her stop. And we’re still not letting her go—Carol is gathering research on second-generation gender issues (that might end up in book #3!). Please send Carol an anecdote that you would be willing to share with her, she’d love to hear from you.

Following the presentation, local networking was in full force. We hope some seeds were sown for long-term networking relationships.

None of this could have happened without our amazing hosts, and we thank each and every one for helping us to create these opportunities for our members. We’ll be calling on you again soon for the next gathering. If anyone has any ideas for great programs/speakers during the meetings, Heather and Evelyn are all ears. And thank you goes as well to all our attendees—without you, our hosts would be sitting alone in their big conference rooms counting ceiling tiles until the presentation.

If you joined us, you know it was something special. If you missed it, you won’t want to do that again. When you get news of the next gathering, look for a location in your neighborhood, and, if you can’t find one, become a host yourself.

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