June 13, 2016 Practice Points

Job Hopping May Be Detrimental to Women's Career Advancement

By Tiffany deGruy

A recent study performed by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding career opportunities for women, found that women who climb the career ladder at a single company tend to have more success and earn more money than women who change employers. Specifically, the study found that women who changed jobs two or more times after completing their MBA degree earned $53,472 less than women who stayed with their first employers. Conversely, according to the study, job hopping appears to benefit men’s career advancement and earnings. The study revealed that, on average, men who changed jobs two or more times after obtaining their MBA degree earned $13,743 more than those men who stayed with their first post-MBA employer. The study concluded that men are paid based on their potential whereas women tend to be paid based upon their proven performance.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. Some woman have been able to obtain higher pay and more responsibility by taking advantage of new opportunities offered by new employers; however, on the whole, the Catalyst study concluded that staying with the same company may provide women with the ability to build a strong track record and to develop mentors and sponsors who can help steer their careers.

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Candace Duff works at Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, P.A. in Miami, Florida.

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