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She’s Come Undone: Is Gender Bias as Amplified in the Virtual Workplace?
By Carla Varriale-Barker – April 27, 2021
Gender inequality is inherent in our culture and is alive and well in the office environment, no matter if that office is remote or in-person.

The Technological Imperative in a Virtual World
By P. Jean Baker – April 20, 2021
It is a lawyer’s duty to prevent mishaps during virtual arbitration hearings.

Mix and Mingle Your Way to New Business
By Taylor Anderson – March 5, 2021
Some tips on how to attend a conference, or any networking opportunity, from a business development perspective—even in a virtual world.

COVID-19 and Its Effect on Gender Diversity in the Law
By Gabrielle C. Pelura – February 9, 2021
The pandemic has enhanced the struggles of many women aiming for a work-life balance, but remote work and increased awareness of unequal family duties may offer some solutions.

One Step Closer, Yet Still So Far—Narrowing the Wage Gap
By Deanna Vellucci – January 4, 2021
Female partners are seeing a major increase in compensation rates, narrowing the gender divide that has historically swept the profession; and yet in a year of so much societal change, why is there a gap at all?


How to Make the Most Out of a Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition
By Kathryn Knudsen – November 25, 2020
A guide touching on witnesses, preparation, documents, and remedies to help litigators make the most out of such a deposition.

“I Have Childcare Issues”—A Plea to Our Male Counterparts to Just Say those Words
By Angela A. Turiano – November 12, 2020
Only when working fathers start to take time away from work to be an equal participant in childcare can women progress on a path parallel to men and truly succeed.

Ten Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Arbitration Goes Smoothly
By P. Jean Baker – November 10, 2020
How to successfully hold a virtual hearing and avoid pitfalls that may give rise to technological challenges.

The Attributes of Strong Female Leaders
By Angela A. Turiano – May 14, 2020
As the global pandemic has highlighted the strengths of women leaders the world over, we can see the need for such leadership in the legal profession, too.

The Importance of Finding Happiness and Stability in Unpredictable Times
By Taylor Anderson – March 30, 2020
Tips for maintaining positivity during COVID-19.

Just Being Neighbourly: Obtaining Evidence from Canada Through Letters of Request
By Calie Adamson and Laura Brazil – January 23, 2020
It may come as a surprise to learn that there is no treaty governing the process of obtaining evidence between the United States and Canada in the event of a legal dispute.


How to Develop Your Brand
By Taylor Anderson – December 31, 2019
The importance of first impressions in the modern workplace.

Diffuse Stress Instantly and Incorporate Daily Self-Care
By Pilar G. Kraman – December 16, 2019
Tips to help you manage stress no matter how much time you have in the moment.

More Than a Mentor: Learn How to Sponsor Your Colleagues
By Carla Varriale – November 19, 2019
Mentorship is like the voice in the cockpit giving flying lessons; sponsorship is the jet fuel that propels the plane to new heights.

Speaking Well: Your Body’s Fail-safe Checklist for Projecting Confidence
By Marsha Hunter – November 6, 2019
Seven steps to help you look comfortable and confident throughout your presentation, regardless of how you feel.

Gerrymandering: A Non-Justiciable Political Question
By Jaelyn Miller and Ariel E. Harris – August 26, 2019
The U.S. Supreme Court found that partisan advantage is a permissible intent behind districting choices and that the issue is to be left to the legislature.

Our Work-Life Balance Needs an Overhaul
By Gabrielle Pelura – July 30, 2019
Every lawyer has a different threshold where happiness and productivity merge, and firms should capitalize on those differences to better their practice as a whole.

Law 360s 2019 Glass Ceiling Report Shows Few New Cracks
By Alise J. Henry – June 24, 2019
Thought women are still very unrepresented in the legal profession, there have been some advancements.

Employers Beware: Workplace Gossip about Sex May Risk Liability under Title VII
By Emily J. Bordens – May 17, 2019
How to be positive and pro-active in the #MeToo era.

Tips for Creating Diverse and Inclusive Law Firms
By Ariel E. Harris – March 29, 2019
Three ways to improve your firm’s practices.

Reevaluating New York Times V. Sullivan in the Wake of Modern Day Journalism
By Natasha Cooper – February 27, 2019
Should defamation laws have a more relaxed standard for public officials rather than actual malice?


Using Your Computer to Bring in Business
By Emily Wessel Farr – December 12, 2018
You don’t have to be an I.P. attorney to understand the value of technology and how it can help you grow your practice. Plug in and plug away!

Six Tips for Effectively Using Technology in the Courtroom
By Tiffany deGruy – December 12, 2018
As the world continues to become dependent on new innovations, mastering their use in court can strengthen your case.

The Prevalence of “Manels”—All Male Panels
By Katelyn H. Wilson – November 15, 2018
Men have outnumbered women more than two to one as speakers at events in the last five years. So how do we take the “m” out of “manels”?

Are Quotas the Answer to the Gender Gap at the Top?
By Angela A. Turiano – November 5, 2018
Publicly-traded companies in California will be required to have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. Is this the right way to break the glass ceiling?

First-Chair Is on the Horizon: Tips for Launching a Successful Legal Career
By Ariel E. Harris – October 31, 2018
More women need meaningful seats at the trial table, and these tips are a great way to launch a young attorney’s career and help set them apart from the pack.

Trading in the Legal Pad for an iPad
By Yelena S. Ferreira – October 29, 2018
Five ways to use your portable, electronic devices to improve your practice.

Grow your Practice: Top Tips for an Abundant Harvest
By Jeana Goosmann – August 7, 2018
The hard work put into networking, building key relationships, and rainmaking will pay dividends in great and unexpected ways.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Employers by Enforcing Arbitration Agreements
By Ariel E. Harris and Graves Upchurch – July 27, 2018
The decision gives employers more power, ensuring them that courts will enforce bilateral arbitration agreements.

Considering Individual Education Plans and 504 Dispute Resolution Options for Students with Disabilities
By Jonathan Slack – July 27, 2018
When school districts falter in helping students with needed services, attorneys have a large number of available options for recourse.

Everyday Tips for Disrupting Gender Inequality in the Workplace
By Farron Curry and Cecilia Jeong – July 6, 2018
Consider using these tips in your daily practice to recognize the double bind, confront it, and empower yourself.

The Motherhood Penalty—Alive and “Well” or on Its Way Out?
By Alise Henry – June 29, 2018
A little discussed “wage gap” exists between working mothers and women without children.

Supreme Court Rules Narrowly in Religious Rights Versus Gay Rights Case
By Ariel E. Harris and Graves Upchurch – June 18, 2018
The decision leaves largely unresolved the ultimate question of how First Amendment rights should be interpreted in the face of anti-discriminatory laws.

Preparing for and Obtaining Preliminary Injunctive Relief
By Anna Majestro – June 4, 2018
Four tips for obtaining relief, which can be a challenge given the lack of time to prepare for and argue your case to the court.

The Ins and Outs of a Bench Trial: Tips for Success
By Ariel E. Harris – May 17, 2018
Although every case presents its own set of unique facts and challenges, there are ways to ensure that you have positioned yourself for victory.

Understanding Gender Differences to Reduce Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
By Angela A. Turiano – April 26, 2018
Being aware of differences gives women the advantage of identifying situations where they can change their silent contributions to known contributions.

How Confidence and Self Valuation Can Advance Your Career
By Hope Zelinger – April 12, 2018
Tips for overcoming imposter syndrome.

International Study Shows In-House Bias Toward Male Outside Counsel
By Joelle A. Simms – January 23, 2018
Male clients were half as likely to nominate a female lawyer.

Do Narcissists Rule the Day?
By Angela A. Turiano – January 10, 2018
What it takes to emerge as a leader.

Advice for Women in Overcoming Obstacles to Leadership
By Chantel Kramme – January 5, 2018
How to address ten problem attitudes and behaviors encountered by women leaders.

A Review: The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law
By Amanda Semaan – January 3, 2018
Lessons for associates in Big Law.

Be Prepared: How Women Lawyers Can Develop Strategies for Success
By Susan P. Elgin – January 2, 2018
Alyssa Mastromonaco shares how to be at the top of your game, all of the time.


Voices of Recovery Podcast Series
By ABA CoLAP – November 10, 2017
The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs debuted the first of a series of podcasts that will address substance use disorders, mental health issues, addiction, and recovery issues. Episode 1 features attorney Laurie Besden, the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, who shares her battles with alcohol and drug addiction.

How to be and Remain Confident in the Face of Adversity
By Angela A. Turiano – November 13, 2017
Tips for taking action when disaster strikes.

Leadership: Why Aren’t More Women in Charge?
By Susan P. Elgin – October 27, 2017
Knowing and understanding the barriers women face is the first step in enacting change.

Why Do Women Leave the Legal Profession?
By Meghan Dougherty – August 28, 2017
New ABA President Will Endeavor to Find the Answer.

The Need for Female Voices in Male Dominated Courtrooms
By Angela Turiano – August 17, 2017
A survey suggests that the more that was at stake in any given action, the less likely the client was prepared to put their fate in the hands of a women.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Successful (and Not So Successful) Mentoring Program
By Victoria Calhoon – August 16, 2017
Mentoring programs are practically commonplace in large companies and law firms, though as many attorneys are aware, they are not always a success.

Play to Your Strengths: The Power of Women at Work
By Samantha Rollins – July 31, 2017
Female traits offer a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Pricing for Value: Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for It
By Chantel Kramme – July 17, 2017
Casey Brown offers women advice on how to increase their personal value.

Option B—Sandberg and Grant Provide Insight and Lessons on Resilience for All
By Juliana Yanez – July 5, 2017
While the core theme of Option B is resilience after experiencing profound grief—there are several lessons that are more broadly applicable to our lives and practices.

Being a Working Mom is Good for Your Children
By Emily J. Bordens – November 3, 2017
Being a working mother is not only good for your children but also promotes gender equality in the workplace.

Where Are the Women Litigators?
By Joelle Simms – August 23, 2017
Despite comprising half of all law school graduates, women make up only one quarter of the attorneys appearing before New York courts.

How Women Can Set Digital Boundaries and Why it Matters
By Chantel M. Kramme – May 25, 2017
There is no question the practice of law has changed significantly over the last few decades, and technological progress has undoubtedly contributed to the change.

Study of Women’s Leadership in Mass Torts Highlights both Gender Disparity and Encouraging Progress
By Victoria Calhoon – May 9, 2017
As female law student and even law firm associate numbers have risen, percentages of women in leadership roles have not seen the same gains.

Unless You’re Actually Tired of Winning, Continue Pursuing Diversity
By Juliana Yanez – April 14, 2017
While gender equality is promoted as important because “it is the right thing to do,” employers often overlook the business case for such equality.

Ambition and the Definition of the Successful Woman
By Chantel Kramme – March 31, 2017
What happens to women’s ambition in the years after they receive their college degree?

In the Legal Profession, Are Women the Superior Gender?
By Margaret Bryant – March 2, 2017
In the quest for equal treatment and opportunities, we may sometimes forget that characteristics generally associated with women can make us more effective lawyers than our male colleagues.

Embracing Your True Female Self as a Pathway to Success
By Natasha S. Cooper – March 2, 2017
Samantha Harrington suggests two simple tips to help make room for all types of personalities to thrive in a practice.

Effective Communication in the Workplace Between the Sexes
By Bridget Warren – March 2, 2017
Recognize the differences between men’s and women’s communication styles, be flexible, know a variety of strategies, and choose the best one for the situation at hand.

5 Strategies to Close The Executive Gender Gap
By Consuelo A. Mejer - March 2, 2017
By reducing bias in the workplace, women can tackle the issue of upward mobility at the executive level.

5 Dos and Don’ts for New Trial Lawyers from the Desk of a District Court Law Clerk
By Josephine Bahn – March 2, 2017
A district court law clerk offers new trial lawyers advice on how to start their journey on the right foot.

Career Progression: Moving Sideways and Diagonally to Move Forward
By Lauren Fenton-Valdivia – March 2, 2017
A career path that deviates from the normal corporate ladder has the potential for creating a more fulfilling and sustainable career.


Six Tips to Stay Connected to Your Professional Network
By D’Anna Harper – August 1, 2016
In a recent article, author Zoe Anderson sets forth six practical tips to help busy professionals maintain a strong professional network.

More Women in the Judiciary Means Justice for All
By Tiffany deGruy – June 13, 2016
Jay Newton-Small’s article published in the National Law Journal entitled “More Women in the Judiciary Means Justice for All” discusses how “when females compose even just 20 to 30 percent of courts, changes are dramatic.”

"What Happens At Law Firms When Women Take Charge"
By Tiffany deGruy – May 16, 2016
In the Law 360 Article entitled “What Happens At Law Firms When Women Take Charge,” author Jacqueline Bell explains how law firms that have achieved gender parity are “reaping the rewards of leadership diversity, attracting valuable lateral talent and clients and boosting their bottom lines.”

Wall Street Firms Among the Toughest for Female Partners
By Angela A. Turiano - May 11, 2016
As recently reported by Law360, female partners comprise only 3.9 percent (or 335) of the 8,549 attorneys practicing at Wall Street firms, as opposed to male partners who comprise 17.1 percent (or 1,463) of the attorneys within the same demographic.

Video—"Make It About the New Client"
By Beatrice O'Donnell - March 31, 2016
A business development video with Beatrice O'Donnell.

The Case for Women's Leadership
By Kathryn B. Rockwood - April 5, 2016
On March 21, 2016, an article entitled “Why Men Must Advance Women’s Leadership” appeared in NJBIZ, by guest columnist Barry Ostrowsky, CEO and President of Barnabas Health.

4 Ways Female Attorneys Can Grow Their Careers
By Angela A. Turiano - March 23, 2016
As reported by Law360, Ms. JD recently held its eighth annual conference on women in the law wherein a panel of experts (Panel), comprised of both in-house counsel and attorneys in private practice, discussed four strategic moves that young female attorneys should make to successfully develop and advance their careers.

Navigating Self-Promotion: An Art Worth Investing In
By Diana E. Mahoney - February 23, 2016
The art of self-promotion was praised as an essential tool for career advancement in a recent article by Nneka Orji for the Glasshammer.

The Connection Between Female Leadership and Corporate Financial Results
By Emily J. Bordens - February 20, 2016
The New York Times recently reported on a study of nearly 22,000 publicly traded companies in 91 countries showing that women in company leadership lead to stronger profits.

For More Resources on the 2015 Federal Rules Amendments
By Margaret I. Lyle - February 19, 2016
Visit the ABA's Rules Amendments Roadshow page.

Tips for Getting Origination Credit, from an Expert
By Kristen Birdsall - February 2, 2016
In her essay “Origination credit—Getting credit where credit is due,” Marianne Trost finds that while women in private practice are succeeding at obtaining business and generating work, they are still having a difficult time getting credit for their efforts and successes.

An Increase in Acceptance of Gender Role Reversals, but Still Some Work to Do
By Sarah B. Daugherty - February 2, 2016
In her article “Gender Reversals Gain Acceptance,” originally posted in The American Lawyer, columnist and blogger Vivia Chen compares December 2015 gender role research conducted by Kathleen Gerson of New York University and Jerry Jacobs of the University of Pennsylvania with prior research on the roles of men and women in the workplace and at home.

Marketing Tips for Young Women Attorneys: Your Partners and Colleagues Are Clients, Too
By Angela Turiano - January 20, 2016
Often, the “go-to” associates within a firm receive plum assignments, advanced responsibilities, and opportunities for client relationships and external marketing that are not available to others in their peer group.

The Importance of Mentor Relationships
By Abigail Higgins - January 19, 2016
Michelle Silverthorn, the diversity and education director at the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, recently wrote an article, “The generation gap: Two views of being an attorney hurts the old and the young”


Study Shows Little Advancement in Gender Equality for Corporate America
By Susan M. Kelleher  - October 30, 2015
Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook Inc. and the founder of LeanIn.Org, recently reported in the Wall Street Journal that, according to a new study released by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co., women remain underrepresented in corporate America at every level.

McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2015 Analysis
By Trish O'Prey - October 6, 2015
A study of 118 companies and nearly 30,000 employees by McKinsey & Company and Lean In concludes that there is work to be done in order for gender equality to be reached in corporate America.

Women Leaders Confront the Glass Cliff
By Angela A. Turiano - October 20, 2015
Marianne Cooper, author, sociologist and lead researcher for Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg, recently posted an article discussing the “glass cliff”—a term that describes the phenomenon of women being more likely to be put into leadership roles under “risky and precarious circumstances,” thereby increasing their odds of failure.

Five Practical Networking Tips
By Suzanne Jones - October 28, 2015
At the third annual Women, Influence & Power in Law event held in Washington, D.C., the opening panel of power-hitters, Deborah Ben-Canaan, the legal recruiting partner for Major, Lindsey & Africa; Rebecca Bortolotti, VP and Chief Technology Counsel at ConAgra Foods; and Amanda Wait, partner at Hunton & Williams, shared the following five networking tips.

Looking at "A Toxic Work World"
By Megan Conner - October 6, 2015
In her recent article for the New York Times, Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses the repercussions for American society from the pressures of competitive and demanding work environments.

More Female Attorneys Score Top Rainmaker Spots
By Angela A. Turiano - August 13, 2015
As reported by Law360, the latest Best Law Firms for Women survey (Survey) released by Working Mother Media and Flex-Time Lawyers LLC revealed that there is an increase in female rainmakers in the BigLaw arena.

Lady Lawyers Lacking at the Lectern
By Lauren Schoeberl - July 30, 2015
In her recent ABA Journal article, author Stephanie Francis illuminates the findings of the recent ABA study, “First Chairs at Trial: More Women Need Seats at the Table.”

"Just" Don't Use It
By Holly Hosford - July 30, 2015
In her article originally posted on LinkedIn, former Google executive and Apple alum Ellen Petry Leanse discusses the liberal use of the word “just” by women in the workplace.

Creating and Maintaining Work/Life Balance
By Jessica Jernigan-Johnson - June 29, 2015
In the recent article “The Work/Life Conundrum: Trying to Be Super Mom and Super Lawyer,” author Katherine Maloney Perch, a partner in Quarles & Brady’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group, provides tips for women who are trying to balance the roles of mother and attorney.

Make the Most Out of Networking
By Erin K. Sullivan - June 29, 2015
In her post “Networking Tips for Women Lawyers” on the Lawyers Who Lunch blog, attorney Jill Jester of Minor & Jester, P.C., shares advice for making the most of networking opportunities.

Legal Profession Lacks Diversity in High-Level Positions
By Melissa Moravec - June 29, 2015
In her recent article in the Washington Post, author Deborah L. Rhode points out the lack of diversity in the legal profession, suggests reasons for the lack of diversity, and proposes ways to address the issue.

The Part-Time Path to Partnership and Career Success
By Jenny Austin - June 29, 2015
In the article “Top Female Lawyers and Executives Find That Part-Time Isn’t a Career Killer,” author Claire Bushey summarized the part-time paths that several women took during their careers and how these women were able to achieve success.

Childless Women "Scorned" in Workplace
By Suzanne L. Jones - June 29, 2015
In the recent article, “Childless Women Are Scorned,” author Vivia Chen commented on the recent finding that women without children reported “significantly more incivility than childless men and are ‘most negatively affected’ by incivility” in the workplace.

Mounting Evidence of the Advantages for Children of Working Mothers
By Heather K. Murphy - June 29, 2015
A recent article by Claire Cain Miller of The Upshot, a New York Times politics and policy website, explores the “mounting evidence” that children of working mothers receive many educational, social, and economic benefits.

An All-Woman, Family-Friendly Firm
By Lauren Michels - June 29, 2015
Recently, the New York Times article, “A Woman-Led Law Firm That Lets Partners Be Parents,” entered the lives of two partners at the Washington, D.C.-based firm Gellar Law Group to explore the creative ways that parents can be partners and partners can be parents.

A Unique Intern Class—Returning to Law After Voluntary Leave
By Katie Foley - May 29, 2015
In the article, “GCs Find Untapped Talent in Women Returning to Law,” (login required) author Melissa Maleske discusses JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s (JPM) new in-house counsel internship “re-entry program.”

The Pervasive Interruption of Women and What to Do About It
By Tiffany deGruy - May 29, 2015
In the recent article “Mansplaining, Manterrupting & Bropropriating: Gender Bias and the Pervasive Interruption of Women,” lead researcher Dr. Arin N. Reeves explains her research into whether there are gender differences between which gender is interrupted more in meetings, conference calls, and panel discussions.

"Loose Connections": The Key to Building a Successful Career
By Angela A. Turiano, Esq. - May 29, 2015
In a recent interview for, Sallie Krawcheck, former CFO of Citigroup and president of Global Wealth and Investment Management at Bank of America, and current owner and chairwoman of Ellevate, a global women’s professional networking organization, advised that her secret weapon for building a successful career is “loose connections.”

Continuing Wage Gap Between Male and Female Workers
By Emily J. Bordens, Esq. - May 29, 2015
On April 14, 2015, the New York Times published an editorial regarding “Equal Pay Day,” a day selected by the National Committee on Pay Equity and described by the Times as a day meant to draw attention to the continuing wage gap between male and female workers.

How to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace
By Meghan M. Dougherty - April 10, 2015
In the recent article “7 Ways to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace,” Jane Fang reflects on her experiences in investment banking and the sports industry to provide practical tips for other women in male-dominated industries.

Number of Females and Minorities Increases in Law Firms
By Suzanne L. Jones - March 30, 2015
On February 17, 2015, NALP released a report indicating that the number of women associates in law firms has increased for the first time in four years.

How to Network Successfully
By Katie Foley - March 30, 2015
In the article “The Right (and Wrong) Way to Network,” professional speaker and Duke professor Dorie Clark outlines how to successfully network.

Office Housework
By M. Annie Santos - February 25, 2015
In a recent article published in The New York Times, “Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee,” Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and Wharton School professor Adam Grant discuss women doing “office housework” and the effect on their careers compared with that of men.

Why Women Don't Want a Female Boss
By Heather K. Murphy - February 25, 2015
In a recent Daily Worth article entitled “Why Women Don’t Want a Female Boss,” Anna Akbari explores the reasons behind women’s negative attitude toward those of their same, oft-described as gentler, sex.

Women Progressing into Partnership
By Diana E. Mahoney - February 12, 2015
On December 12, 2014, the ABA Law Practice Division published an article summarizing its recent interactive panel discussion entitled “Progressing into Partnership—Road Rules for a New Role,” which took place during the ABA Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop in San Diego, California.

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others
By Mellori E. Lumpkin - January 27, 2015
Anyone who has ever served on a dysfunctional committee or a board of directors that regularly holds less-than-efficient meetings is aware that there can be immense difficulty in working together to make decisions in a group.

Blame the System—Not Women
By Maria Mariano Guthrie - February 12, 2015
In a recent article published in The Cut on, Lisa Miller stated that we need to stop blaming women for holding themselves back from advancement in the workplace.

Speaking While Female
By Ariel E. Harris - January 26, 2015
In their recent New York Times article entitled “Speaking While Female,” which is the second of four essays in a series on women at work, Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant explore the reasons behind women’s silence in professional settings.


When Talking about Bias Backfires
By Emily Ruzic - December 22, 2014
The New York Times recently published the first of a four-part series on “Women at Work” entitled “What Women Need to Know about Negotiating Compensation.”

What Women Need to Know about Negotiating Compensation
By Ariel E. Harris - December 12, 2014 recently posted an article with tips from the ABA Gender Equity Task Force entitled, “What Women Need to Know about Negotiating Compensation.”

Shrinking the Gender Wage Gap Will Take More Than Just Good Karma
By Hannah E. Bellanger - December 3, 2014
Newly-appointed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made waves across the nation when he stated that women should not ask for pay raises.

Criticism—Fear Not!
By Michaelyn Corbett - October 22, 2014
In her recent New York Times article, “Learning to Love Criticism,” author and career coach Tara Mohr explores recent study results that illustrate a stark contrast in the workplace performance reviews received by male versus female employees.

Do Female Attorneys Receive Same Compensation as Male Counterparts?
By Suzanne L. Jones - October 22, 2014
In a recent article on, Ed Silverstein discusses Monster and WageIndicator Foundation's survey, which shows that females in the U.S. legal field earn 28.5 percent less than their male counterparts.

The Power of Positive Thinking
By Katie Foley - September 16, 2014
In the article, "Happy Woman, Successful Rainmaker," Katy Goshtabi analyzes the role positive thoughts and self-reflection can have on helping female lawyers be happy and successful.

Congratulations to the 2014 "50 Best Law Firms for Women"
By Suzanne Jones - September 3, 2014
Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers recently announced their 2014 “50 Best Law Firms for Women.”

Christine Lagarde: Effective Leadership at the IMF
By Ashley DeMinck - September 3, 2014
Christine Lagarde has been at the helm of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the past three years.

Survival Tips for Networking Events
By Suzanne Jones - July 31, 2014
Networking is an essential tool for advancing in your legal career.

Gender Disparity Persists Despite More Women Lawyers in the Pipeline
By Suzanne L. Jones - November 3, 2014
The Law Firm Advancement Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts recently asked “Where have all the women lawyers gone?”

Overcome Your Fear of Networking!
By Tiffany deGruy – November 21, 2014
In a recent article on, Personal Branding Blog’s Heather Huhman discusses six ways to overcome your fear of networking.

Women Make Gradual Gains in BigLaw Leadership Roles
By Susan E. Mulholland - July 16, 2014
According to the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WLEF), female attorneys are making slow but steady gains in leadership roles at BigLaw firms.

It's About Gender Balance, Not Gender Diversity
By Stefanie Wayco - June 26, 2014
It is an industry-accepted statistic that at law firms each year, women make up 50 to 60 percent of first-year associates.

Women Lawyers Encouraged to "Chart a Different Course" for Careers
By Hannah E. Bellanger - June 25, 2014
In a series of three recent articles published in Legal by the Bay entitled “How Women Lawyers Can Chart a Different Course,” Kimberly Alford Rice, president of a business-development advisory firm focusing on legal services, offers 12 targeted tips for women to improve their client-development skills.

Learning to Lead: What Really Works for Women in Law
By Sara Dionne - June 4, 2014
On Thursday, July 10, 2014, at 1 p.m. Eastern time, the ABA Litigation Section Woman Advocate Committee will be presenting a Roundtable entitled “Learning to Lead: What Really Works for Women in Law.”

WAC Work-Life Management Subcommittee Book Project
By Sara Dionne - June 4, 2014
The Woman Advocate Committee’s Work-Life Management Subcommittee is currently working on a book project tentatively titled The Power of Our Stories: Lawyers Managing Work and Life Along the Road to Success.

Female Lawyers Still Struggle to Bridge Gender Gap
By Lane L. Marmon, Rutkin - May 30, 2014
According to a Wall Street Journal article, female lawyers continue to struggle to bridge the gender gap, meaning that they have been unable to excel in the legal field in a manner equal to that of their male contemporaries.

Women Lawyers Combat Institutional Bias with Rainmaking
By Suzanne L. Jones - May 28, 2014
In a recent article titled “Female ‘Rainmakers’ Are Boosting the Bottom Line at Law Firms,” Gina Hall noted how women lawyers are increasingly networking amongst themselves and drumming up outside clients in response to internal firm bias which results in white male senior partners transferring their clients to white male junior partners.

Rejecting Office Housework Is Hard but Necessary
By Allison Kernisky - May 27, 2014
Saying yes to seemingly harmless, menial tasks such as ordering food for a group or taking notes during a meeting can hurt a professional woman’s career, according to University of California Hastings College of Law Professor Joan C. Williams.

Women Run Only Seven of the Largest 100 U.S. Law Firms
By Suzanne L. Jones - April 29, 2014
According to a recent Law360 article, women hold top leadership positions in only seven of the largest 100 U.S. law firms.

Women Lawyers in Corporate America
By Cassie Hanson - April 25, 2014
Elizabeth Olson’s article in the New York Times outlines the continued gradual progress of women lawyers in corporate America.

Law360 Names Top 25 Ceiling Smashers
By Suzanne L. Jones - April 22, 2014
Law360 recently announced its 2014 “Ceiling Smashers”—25 U.S.-based law firms with the highest percentage of female partners.

Challenges to Female Wages and Career Advancement
By Katie Foley - April 21, 2014
In the article, “Female Lawyers over 30 Earning 25% less than the Men,” Lottie O’Connor analyzes the potential reasons behind the statistic that while women in their early twenties make 30 percent more than their male counterparts, by their mid-thirties they earn 25 percent less than men their male colleagues.

A Solution for Women Lawyers Re-Entering the Workforce
By Stefanie Wayco, Esq. - March 26, 2014
While at the entry level there is, on average, a 50/50 gender split at many large law firms, this equilibrium does not last long.

Expert Advice on How to "Make It Rain" as a Female Attorney
By Susan E. Mulholland - March 21, 2014
According to a recent survey of the largest 200 law firms conducted by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), female lawyers still lag behind men in achieving equity partnership and in obtaining leadership positions generally.

Making Mind-Wandering Part of Your Multitasking Routine
By Joanne Geha Swanson - March 17, 2014
Multitasking—the much sought-after skill that enables us to simultaneously fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities throughout the course of a single day—may actually be stifling our creativity.

Survey Reveals Little Progress in Advancement of Women Lawyers
By Angela A. Turiano - March 17, 2014
The latest survey conducted by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL®) on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms (the Survey or Study) reveals little progress in the advancement of women at the nation’s largest 200 firms.

Motivating Women for the Leadership Process
By Cassie Hanson - February 19, 2014
In a February 2014 article on The Glass Hammer, Lois Frankel examines the need to increase the percentage of women in high-level positions in companies and politics. 

"Flexibility Stigma: The Unspoken Problem Facing Working Women and Men"
By Claudia D. Hartleben - February 13, 2014
In the January 2014 article, “Flexibility Stigma: The Unspoken Problem Facing Working Women and Men,” readers encounter a re-hashing of the well-known stigma associated with taking advantage of flexible work options.

WAC Member Obtains Preliminary Injunction for Female Student
By Sara E. Dionne - February 12, 2014
Woman Advocate Committee member Abbe F. Fletman, along with Women’s Law Project attorney Terry L. Fromson, were successful in obtaining a preliminary injunction requiring Line Mountain School District in Herndon, PA, to allow seventh-grader Audriana Beattie to be part of the Line Mountain all-male wrestling program.

Second-Generation Gender Bias and How to Confront It
By Stefanie Wayco, Esq. – January 23, 2014
In a recent article for The Glass Hammer, Nancy Monson, a career and health coach, details ways to subvert what has been coined the “second-generation gender bias.”

NALP Report Shows Decline of Female Associates
By Sara E. Dionne – January 8, 2014
The National Association of Law Professionals (NALP) recently released its annual report on diversity.

Generational Shift at the Workplace
By Suzanne L. Jones – January 8, 2014
In the article, “Will Millennial Men Change the Workplace?” Vivia Chen challenges the notion that “millennial men” (born roughly between 1980 and early 2000) will shake up the workplace.

Roundtable on Pay Disparities
By Sara E. Dionne – January 8, 2014
The Woman Advocate Committee, in conjunction with the Mass Torts Committee and the Commission on Women in the Profession hosted a roundtable. 


American Lawyer Reports Gender Divides in Midlevel Associate Job Satisfaction
By Sara E. Dionne – October 7, 2013
The American Lawyer has released the results of its 2013 Midlevel Associates Survey, which collects data from third- through fifth-year associates at the country’s largest law firms.

Women Professionals Place More Value on Recognition and Respect in the Workplace Than Their Male Counterparts
By Angela A. Turiano – October 15, 2013
A new study by Thomson Reuters of more than 1,000 professionals from five countries, namely Brazil, China, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, found that while both male and female professionals are collaborative, entrepreneurial, and share similar work style and habits...

The 2013 Working Mother & Flex-Time Lawyers Best Law Firms List is Out!
By Stefanie M. Wayco – October 16, 2013
As they have done since 2007, the Working Mother & Flex-Time Lawyers Best Law Firms released its 2013 list of U.S. law firms that create and use best practices in retaining and promoting women lawyers.

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers
By Claudia Hartleben – October 25, 2013
Herminia Ibarra, Robin Ely, and Deborah Kolb, authors of the September 2013 Harvard Business Review article, “Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers,” argue that becoming a leader involves a fundamental identity shift...

Flexible Working Arrangements Are Necessary to Retain Talented Women
By Allison Kernisky – November 8, 2013
Some companies have recently announced that they have eliminated or scaled back their flexible working arrangements (FWAs) in favor of increased face time.

Great Expectations
By Angela Benjamin – November 26, 2013
In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, “Great Expectations for Female Lawyers,” author Florence Martin-Kessler raises the question of whether women poised in 2001 to “have it all” in the big law firm setting had fulfilled those expectations more than 10 years into their practice.

Work-Life Balance Concern Shifts to Singles
By Joanne Geha Swanson – November 26, 2013
The public buzz on work-life balance tends to focus on the efforts of working mothers as they strive to achieve the delicate balance between family commitments and job responsibilities.

Using Body Language to Influence Personal Outcomes
By Catherine Delcin – April 3, 2013
Small daily decisions to stand with our arms folded or slouch when interacting with others are all telling signs of our assertiveness influencing not only how others see us, but also influencing our confidence to obtain desirable outcomes in a litigation case, negotiation, or job interview.

Law Firms "Lean In" to Help Women Advance in Their Careers
By Suzanne L. Jones – April 8, 2013
Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" campaign is gaining momentum within the legal community. In recent weeks, five Am Law 200 firms have joined more than 150 companies and organizations committed to the campaign that encourages women to openly discuss the challenges they face at home and at work.

Toolkit for Gender Equity in Partner Compensation Released
By Sabrina C. Beavens – April 8, 2013
The ABA Gender Equity Task Force has released its Toolkit for Gender Equity in Partner Compensation.

Sheryl Sandberg Wants You to Be Yourself, and Lean In
By Emily Wessel Farr – April 15, 2013
Sheryl Sandberg, COO and Number Two at Facebook, starts her book by thanking her parents, for teaching her that “anything was possible,” and her husband, for “making everything possible.”

Women's Initiatives Creating Change
By Stefanie Wayco – May 20, 2013
For many reasons, women in law firms are good for the law firm’s business—not just in a legal capacity at the firm, but in leadership positions within the firm’s upper management.

The ABA's Gender Equity Task Force—We Still Aren't There Yet
By Roberta Liebenberg – May 20, 2013
Even though women have been graduating from law schools and entering the profession in numbers nearly equal to men for the past two decades, women lawyers continue to lag behind their male counterparts in terms of compensation, advancement to equity partner status, and the attainment of positions of real power and influence.

When Women Become Mothers
By Emily Wessel Farr – June 5, 2013
Warren Buffett recently made headlines when he stated the obvious: when you “use 50 percent of our human capacity,” rather than 100 percent, you lose.

Long Hours Stall Career Advancement for Women
By Suzanne L. Jones – June 17, 2013
According to data taken from the U.S. Census Bureau, only nine percent of employed American mothers work more than 50 hours a week during the key years of career advancement––ages 25 to 44.

"Don't Just Survive, Thrive": A Recap of the July Regional Event
By Sabrina C. Beavens – August 13, 2013
On July 18th, WAC members and nonmembers gathered in more 30 cities across the country to network and listen to “Don’t Just Survive, Thrive,” a presentation by Nan Joesten of Rapid Evolution, LLC.

Accountability, Inclusion, and Advocacy
By Stefanie Wayco – August 13, 2013
Avivah Wittenberg’s article “Your Company Doesn’t Need a Women’s Network” illustrates how women’s networks and other “women-dominated efforts” fall frustratingly short of effecting real change in gender balances in senior positions.

Dismal Numbers for Women Lawyers Present Opportunities to Improve
By Allison Kernisky – January 14, 2013
The numbers are out in another major annual assessment of retention rates for women at U.S. law firms and they are not overly encouraging.

Influence of Demographics on Career Mobility
By Kate T. Spelman – January 14, 2013
It is a commonly recognized conundrum in the legal profession that while women and minorities make up an increasing percentage of law students and associates, their representation among the law firm partnership ranks remains relatively low.

To Negotiate Higher Pay, Focus on the Organization
By Suzanne L. Jones – February 25, 2013
According to a review of the literature conducted by authors of a recent research report, women negotiating for a higher salary may face accompanying social backlash.

Gender Disparity Persists at Top Law Firms
By Joanne Geha Swanson – February 25, 2013
The struggle for gender equality continues at the nation’s top law firms, The Am Law Daily reports, and while an increasing number of women are finding more promising opportunities at smaller firms or in solo practice, others are choosing to battle it out at Big Law.

Increasingly Popular Part-Time Schedules Are Not Yet Accepted
By Emily Wessel Farr – March 27, 2013
Women make up the vast majority of part-time lawyers, according to a new survey by the National Association for Legal Career Professionals, and reported by Reuters.

March 21, 2013 Regional Gathering Report
By Evelyn Storch & Heather White – April 1, 2013
WAC Regional Meeting Chairs, Heather White and Evelyn Storch, are thrilled to report on the resounding success of the March 21, 2013 Regional Gathering featuring, Carol Frohlinger, of Negotiating Women, Inc.


Survey Paints Bleak Picture of Women in Large Law Firms
By Joanne Geha Swanson – November 13, 2012
A recent survey of the nation's 200 largest law firms has yielded disappointing results on the career path of women lawyers.

Flexibility—The Superpower All Working Moms Need
By Molly C. Taylor – August 7, 2012
Women have recently been told by Anne-Marie Slaughter that we, in fact, still don’t, and maybe can’t, have it all.

The Truth as to "Why Women Still Can't Have It All"
By Suzanne L. Jones – July 19, 2012
Anne-Marie Slaughter's recent article "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," published in the June edition of the Atlantic, has reignited the ongoing debate about work-life balance.

Lunch Featuring ABA President Bellows a Huge Success
By Sabrina C. Beavens – August 8, 2012
On July 25, 2012, the Woman Advocate Committee hosted a terrific networking and learning teleconference featuring an address by incoming ABA President Laurel Bellows.

Gender Gap in Equity Partnership Improves at a Slow Pace
By Angela A. Turiano – September 6, 2012
While the vast majority of law firms offer various programs and initiatives aimed at promoting women, the actual percentage of women promoted to equity partner has increased only slightly over the last 20 years.

More Women General Counsel at Fortune 500 Companies
By Louise N. Smith – September 6, 2012
According to a survey that will appear in its upcoming bi-monthly publication of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), women served as general counsel at 21 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 2011—more than ever before.

"Undeterred" and Other Traits of Successful Women Business Leaders
By Joanne Geha Swanson – October 10, 2012
Only four percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, reports Forbes guest columnist Elissa Sangster, but with one-third of MBA spots now occupied by women, “the pipeline is improving.”

Female Partners Earn 30% Less Than Male Partners
By Stefanie Wayco, Esq. – January 23, 2014
According to a recent Law 360 article, the pay gap between male and female partners continues to grow.

New York Sees Slight Rise in Bench Representation
By Allison Kernisky – November 5, 2012
The number of women judges in New York has increased 6 percent over the last 10 years, according to a Law360 article on a study conducted at the Albany Law School.

Join the WAC at the Section of Litigation's Annual Conference in D.C.
By Sabrina C. Beavens – March 30, 2012
Please join the Woman Advocate Committee and register for the Section of Litigation’s Annual CLE Conference in Washington, D.C., April 18–20.

“Women in the Law” Survey
By Candace Duff – April 17, 2012
LexisNexis and the Law Society, an organization that represents, protects, and promotes solicitors in England and Wales, recently commissioned a survey entitled “Women in the Law.”

Female Academic Achievement and Earnings
By Claudia Hartleben – April 17, 2012
“Why do women perform so much better in school than their male classmates? And why hasn’t this academic prowess translated into higher earnings for women than for men?”

Adjustments to Networks are Needed to Make Them Useful for Women
By Joanne Geha Swanson – May 2, 2012
The majority of women surveyed at the Simmons Leadership Conference last year were less than enthusiastic about the effectiveness of their at-work networks in promoting their careers.

Career Ambitions of Younger Women Are On the Rise
By Angela A. Turiano – May 23, 2012
According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, about two-thirds of women between the ages of 18 and 34 cite a high-paying career among their top life priorities.

Marriage Structures—Predictor of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
By Amber Pershon – June 5, 2012
Women attorneys still face a lot of resistance in the workplace, but the source of that resistance is often debated.

Leadership Bias—Male CEOs get the Advantage with Investors over Female CEOs
By Louise N. Smith – June 27, 2012
New research suggests that gender considerations affect how much investors are willing to pour into a business.

Actionable Advice for Young Women Lawyers
By Claudia D. Hartleben – June 27, 2012
Do not get on the diversity committee at your firm. “Please don’t do it!” Victoria Pynchon, attorney-mediator and author of The Negotiation Law Blog, says in a recent video on, titled “How Young Women Lawyers Can Succeed at Big Law.”

Survey Reveals Disparities in the Outlooks of Male Vs. Female New Partners
By Candace Duff – February 8, 2012
The American Lawyer recently revealed the results of its first-ever survey of new partners. The survey represents responses from 296 partners promoted at Am Law 200 firms between 2008 and 2011, the majority of whom are from firms with 500 or more attorneys.

Most Part-Time Attorneys Are Female
By Jocelyn Neudauer – February 9, 2012
According to a recent study [PDF] conducted by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), more males are entering part-time work; however, female workers continue to comprise the overwhelming majority of part-time attorneys.

The Advancement of Women in ABA Leadership
By Suzanne L. Jones – March 2, 2012
The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession recently issued its annual Goal III Report on “Women’s Advancement into Leadership Positions in the American Bar Association.”

Survey Discredits Myths about Juror Perceptions of Women in the Courtroom
By Sabrina C. Beavens – March 6, 2012
In its most recent newsletter, Decision Quest, a trial consulting firm, provided a summary of the results from its yearlong survey of several hundred jurors from across the country concerning women in the courtroom.


President Carter Promotes Legal and Human Rights for Women
By Anne Marie Seibel – April 11, 2011
Recently, former President Jimmy Carter spoke of his belief that communities around the world should focus on the continued abuse of women and children as a human rights violation.

Is There a Price for Being Nice?
By Joanne Geha Swanson – October 13, 2011
From their earliest toddler interactions, little girls and boys are cajoled to “be nice.”

The Effect of Makeup on Perceived Competency
By Gabrielle Jackson – November 1, 2011
Appearance may not be everything, but the way a woman presents herself can affect how she is perceived in the office.

Low-Confidence Behaviors Stunt Women's Careers
By Suzanne L. Jones – November 2, 2011
According to a 2011 study by Europe's Institute of Leadership and Management, women are less confident than men in their careers.

Thirty Years Later, the Glass Ceiling Is Only Cracked
By Susan Hallquist – November 16, 2011
A recent New York Times editorial opines that 30 years after Sandra Day O’Connor heard her first cases on the Supreme Court, the glass ceiling is at best “only cracked.”

The Effect of Gender & Status On Negotiations
By Amber Pershon – November 17, 2011
A recent Forbes article by Victoria Pynchon discusses the effect of gender on power negotiations.

Job Hopping May Be Detrimental to Women's Career Advancement
By Tiffany deGruy – June 13, 2016
A recent study performed by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding career opportunities for women, found that women who climb the career ladder at a single company tend to have more success and earn more money than women who change employers.

Looking for a Mentor? Just Ask
By Suzanne L. Jones – December 15, 2011
A recent article in The Glass Hammer showcased the November event: "Professional Development: View from the Top," which was hosted by Step Up Women's Network.

Dealing With Jerks
By Amber Pershon – December 15, 2011
Reminding oneself that what goes around comes around may be the best way of dealing with “jerks” in the legal profession, according to a recent article in the Fall 2011 issue of the ABA Journal.

NAWL Finds That Fewer Female Lawyers Are Entering Big-Firm Practice
By Angela Turiano – December 16, 2011
The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) recently released the results of their Survey on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms, which found, for the first time since the Survey began in 2006, a noted decline in the number of women entering big-firm law practice.

Growing Trend of Women of Color Leaving Firms to Work as Corporate Counsel
By Patricia C. O'Prey – June 13, 2011
A recent study by Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC) discovered a growing trend of women of color leaving law firms to work as corporate counsel.

Promotion of Women to Partnership Stalled in 2011
By Patricia O'Prey – June 13, 2011
A report by the Project for Attorney Retention (PAR) found that women lawyers continue to lag behind their male peers in becoming law firm partners.

Two Women District Judges Unanimously Appointed To The District of New Jersey
By Sheila Rafferty – July 8, 2011
Recently, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved the nominations of Magistrate Judge Esther Salas and Magistrate Judge Claire Cecchi as District Judges for the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Growing Mentor Association Is a Valuable Resource for Attorney-Mothers
By Amber Pershon – August 26, 2011
Managing the demands of being an attorney in a big law firm and motherhood can be a daunting task.

Web 2.0 May Play to Female Attorneys' Strengths
By Susan Hallquist – September 8, 2011
According to the July 2011 Business of Law section of the ABA Journal, social media has proven to be a powerful tool for many female attorneys.

Judge Believes Individuals, Not Courts, Should Dictate Work-Life Balance
By Esther Hyun – September 13, 2011
U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska recently dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Bloomberg.

The Unintended Consequences of Opting Out
By Suzanne L. Jones – September 14, 2011
In a 2003 New York Times article entitled "The Opt Out Revolution," Lisa Belkin suggested that women were making an empowered choice to "opt out" of their careers.

Women of Color Increasingly Reject Law Firms for In-House Positions
By Hon. Joan F. Kessler – June 6, 2011By Suzanne L. Jones – September 14, 2011
Career transitions will be successful, in large part, based on how willing we are to reexamine the bases for our assumptions and adjust our actions to the reality we discover.According to a recent study entitled "The Perspectives of Women of Color Attorneys in Corporate Legal Departments" undertaken by the Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC), female minorities are increasingly leaving law firms for corporate counsel positions.

A Woman Is Top Earner in General Counsel Compensation Survey
By Joanne Geha Swanson – August 17, 2011
Salary and bonus payments totaling nearly $6.5 million have catapulted a woman into the spot of top-earning general counsel, according to Corporate Counsel’s survey of general counsel compensation.

Alliance for Board Diversity Releases Disappointing Census Results
By Sabrina C. Beavens – May 9, 2011
The impression that women and minorities continue to be substantially underrepresented on corporate boards was confirmed with the release of the 2010 Alliance for Board Diversity Census (ABD).

Adding Women to a Team Increases Its Intelligence
By Patricia C. O'Prey – May 27, 2011
A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that a group’s collective intelligence increases when the group includes women.

Impressive Number of Women Recently Selected as Law School Deans
By Sabrina C. Beavens – June 9, 2011
In the last few months, women were chosen for approximately 40% of the available law dean positions, according to The National Law Journal.

The Name Change Dilemma
By Sara Dionne – June 9, 2011
A recent posting in the Wall Street Journal’s blog, The Juggle, explores women’s decisions with regard to taking their husband’s names after marriage.

"The Mommy Track": More Women are Choosing Both Career and Family
By Grace Wen – April 18, 2011
Does the “mommy track” exist, and are women choosing it? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that the answer to both questions is yes.

Is There A Wage Gap?
By Sara Dionne – April 27, 2011
The Wall Street Journal recently ran an opinion-editorial piece entitled “There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap.”

Yale Law Women Survey Names Top 100 Family-Friendly Law Firms
By Patricia O'Prey – May 3, 2011
Yale Law Women recently released a survey of the Vault Top 100 Law Firms from the perspective of their work-life balance policies.

New Study Explores Barriers for Corporate Counsel Women of Color
By Sara Dionne – May 9, 2011
Corporate Counsel Women of Color recently released an interesting study, which found that gender is viewed by in-house attorneys who are women of color as being more of a barrier to advancement than race and/or ethnicity.

Study Examines the Effect of Gender in Securities Employment Arbitration Cases
By March 7, 2011
A paper entitled "The Effect of Gender on Awards in Employment Arbitration Cases: The Experience in the Securities Industry" was recently presented at the annual meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

New York Judges Ask Where the Women Litigators Are
By Patricia O'Prey – March 7, 2011
At a New York City Bar Association event on Tuesday, March 1, 2011, a panel made up of two New York state judges, two corporate counsel, and a law firm partner debated some of the reasons for the lack of women in commercial cases pending in New York state and federal courts.

Study Links Gender Wage Gap and Birth of Daughters to CEOs
By Sara E. Dionne – March 15, 2011
A recent study entitled "Like Daughter, Like Father: How Women's Wages Change When CEOs Have Daughters" and conducted by professors at Columbia University, Aalborg University in Denmark, and the University of Maryland, has found a relationship between the gender wage gap and a company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) having a daughter.

Not So Sweet Sixteen
By Sara E. Dionne – March 29, 2011
A recent article by Patricia Gillette, an employment partner at Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, explores the progress of women as leaders in the legal profession.

Recent Study Explores Perceptions of Male and Female Attorneys in Negotiations
By Sara E. Dionne – January 18, 2011
Being perceived as both competent and likeable is imperative for success. Yet, female professionals often face a double bind whereby the perception of one characteristic comes at the cost of another.

More Law Firms Offering Part-Time Alternatives
By Sabrina C. Beavens – February 17, 2011
A study released by the National Association for Legal Professionals reveals that while more law firms are offering part-time schedules, particularly at the partner level, the number of lawyers taking advantage of the programs is small, especially compared to the general workforce.