February 18, 2021 Article

Dotted Lines…Straight Lines…Holding the Lines: Working Well and Happily from Home Requires Boundaries, Planning, and PSAs

To operate at your best, set boundaries for your time, physical space, and self-care.

By Ariana J. Tadler

As much as we might wish it otherwise, COVID has made working from home no longer an aberration but a reality that will continue for some time. Perhaps, like me, when we made that remote pivot in March 2020, you thought no commute and less business travel could be a nice change of pace for a month or two. So you set up your home office, a nook somewhere in your home or even a seat at the kitchen counter, and said, “I got this! I can do my job and have time to do all the things I have been wanting to do—exercise more, eat better, read more, meditate, learn a new language or how to play an instrument, create photo books (or at least print some of the thousands of photos I have taken over the last decade, with my kids now 23 and 21!).”

Perhaps you have done all that you set out to do. If so, bravo! If not—if that “extra time” that you intended to grab hold of for yourself evaporated as the demands of “home” seized it—then, as we say in the tech world, “You may need a ‘reset.’”

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