August 16, 2019 Article

Join the Jetsons: Make Technology Work for Your Legal Practice

Five tips to best use the flexibility tech offers in the workplace.

By Pilar C. French

It is hard to believe that I have been practicing law for 23 years. I suppose that makes me “sufficiently seasoned” to discuss how technology has changed how we work.

I first started the practice in 1996, as an assistant attorney general at the Oregon Department of Justice (ODOJ) in Salem, Oregon. Physical presence five days a week was mandatory. Living an hour away in Portland, I could not afford gas and parking to drive myself to Salem every day. Instead, I carpooled, needing to rise at 5:30 each morning to ensure I got to the pickup point on time. I generally would return home around 6:45 in the evening.

Through that commute, I came to know fellow ODOJ attorneys and Oregon’s appellate judges and justices. It was an amazing network born out of happenstance. I cherished the opportunity to develop those relationships and the work at ODOJ, but eventually, the commute wore me out. 

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