May 17, 2019 Article

Insight from Women on the Inside: In-House Career Paths and Development

Five women attorneys describe their paths to in-house careers, differences between in-house and private practice, tips for career advancement, and experiences with implicit or explicit bias.

By Elizabeth T. Timkovich

The road to an in-house career can be long and winding or short and straight; experiences vary. I myself made the switch to in-house from private practice later in my career than many in-house attorneys, having worked as a private practice litigator for more than 15 years, including more than 6 years as a partner in a large multinational law firm. While I enjoyed my litigation practice, my team, my clients, and (let’s be honest!) my Big Law salary, I found myself drawn increasingly to the idea of a role in which I could help my client solve problems on a more proactive basis, from within, rather than in reaction to litigation claims. I was fortunate to be offered an in-house secondment in late 2016 that helped confirm for me that an in-house position would make me happy, and indeed it has. 

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