November 19, 2019 Article

Mindful Mentors: How Working with Non-Lawyer Mentors in Mindfulness Can Improve Lawyer Well-Being

Pause your busy mind and take a breath.

By Jami Cooper, with insights from Melissa Puente

My colleague has an Apple watch and the Calm app. Together, they send her wrist little vibrations every so often that tell her to breathe. When she first showed me, I thought, “Why on earth does anyone need a reminder to breathe?” Of course—probably just as you are tempted to do right now—I quietly tried to pause my busy mind and took a deep breath. An instant calm swept over me. Did my concerns of the day get swept away? No. Did all of the problems covering my desk get solved? Of course not. Did I have a sense of renewal and freshness that allowed me to focus more clearly, dig in, and work on those concerns and problems? Absolutely, and it took all of 10 seconds. 

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