April 02, 2019 Article

Be Bold, Be Brave: Female Attorneys and Inappropriate Clients

How do we respond to the continuance of sexual harassment and uncomfortable behavior experienced in our profession?

By Jeana Goosmann and Anna Limoges

Picture this: You are defending your client after he has been accused of sexual harassment, retaliation, and battery. He comes into the office for a meeting about the upcoming hearing on the summary judgment motion you filed. Despite your professional appearance, he states, “Are you trying to rival Pamela Anderson?” Caught off guard, you tell him his comment is inappropriate. After the meeting, he asks if you want to go for a drink and you tell him “No, thank you.” His response to your rejection is to grab you by the back of your head and kiss you, stuffing his tongue down your throat. You push him off and the moment is not brought up again until he sends you a gift: a bottle of tequila that you give away immediately. Later on, you ask yourself: Was I wearing something suggestive?

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