March 14, 2018 Articles

Women-Owned Law: Inspiring and Cultivating Opportunities for Enhanced Client Service

By Nicole Galli and Jordan Fischer

There can be little doubt that the practice of law continually evolves and changes to meet market demands. Alternative legal service providers are on the rise, with new solutions entering the market on a regular basis. Indeed, in 2017, Robert Ambrogi’s article in the ABA’s Law Practice magazine proclaimed this the “Golden Age of Legal Tech Start-Ups.” At the same time, initiatives to improve the experience for women lawyers have evolved and grown. From the creation of the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms back in 2001, to the 2016 Hackathon that resulted in the much touted “Mansfield Rule,” numerous initiatives have arisen to improve the lives of women in the law and to satisfy clients’ interests in hiring diverse groups of lawyers, including women lawyers.

One approach to the delivery of legal services that we personally embraced is the women-owned law firm. Women-owned law and legal services firms cover the full range of possibilities and options for solving clients’ legal problems. Through our work with Women Owned Law, the first national networking organization focused on women-owned law and legal services firms, we have encountered hundreds of women-owned law firms across the country and the world that are solving clients’ legal problems in novel and creative ways.

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