April 03, 2018 Articles

Seven Habits Young Lawyers Should Develop to Overcome the Challenges of Litigation Practice

By Natasha S. Cooper

When the average person thinks of litigation, they likely envision the thrilling and high-intensity courtroom scenes portrayed on television shows like Law & Order or the classic movie, My Cousin Vinny. As any litigator would confirm, litigation rarely mirrors the level of excitement and drama portrayed on television and in movies, but it has its moments. As a fledging litigator, I have already experienced both the pressures and the thrills that come with my chosen career. I have learned that with the right guidance and tools, the litigation “joy” can outweigh the stress. In a recent Law360 Article, experienced litigators shared their tips on how to achieve success in this high-stress environment. Their seven tips for success revolve around habits of organization, discipline and efficiency, as follows.

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