May 24, 2016 Articles

Food and Beverage Class Actions: Trends and Potential Developments

By Sascha Henry and Robin Achen

Consumer class action lawsuits against food and beverage companies are no longer uncommon. Many class actions are based on claims that consumers have been misled by a product’s advertising or labels. These cases focus on small, consumable items. Cases have been filed over everyday products such as a can of tomatoes, a box of tea, or a tub of ice cream. The complaints usually allege that some statement on the label of the product was misleading and that the plaintiff purchased the product (and paid a higher price) in reliance on that representation.

Though food and beverage class actions have been prevalent for a few years now, the field is still developing as more cases make their way through the appellate courts. This article discusses the current trends in food and beverage class actions, as well as a few potential developments that may significantly affect this area in the coming year.

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