June 12, 2015 Articles

The Power of Women Working Together

By Leyza F. Blanco

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” These words from Helen Keller ring true for many women lawyers who have worked together to achieve much greater success than they would have achieved on their own. While many law firms and lawyers thrive on competition, women who support the business and professional development of other women create an environment where we can all prosper and succeed. Identifying mutual goals and finding the tools to achieve those goals can be the recipe for greater success in the practice of law.

To maximize success, take a personal interest. Be aware of the challenges women face in the practice of law, and then identify the tools we possess to work together. One way to begin is to invest time sponsoring women within your organization or practice area. Find those women who want to achieve similar levels of professional success and encourage them to take advantage of professional and business opportunities.

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