March 09, 2015 Articles

Overcoming Economic Obstacles to Reach Your Professional Goals

By Nubia Willman

It happened at my first networking dinner as a 1L. A very nice attorney struck up a conversation with me and my fellow students, and soon it seemed as if everyone began trading stories recalling their trips to Europe. As someone who had only months before barely scraped together enough money to pay for my law school deposit, I sat in silence listening, but inwardly panicking at the realization that I had just stepped into a world well beyond my means.

All lawyers come with diverse personal experiences; however, it is no secret that this is still one of the most prestigious and privileged vocations, and the majority of our members come from very privileged, if not prestigious, backgrounds. Those backgrounds are what make it possible for many of us to clerk for judges without pay, or travel abroad for long stints of time without worrying too much about making rent. However, there is another group of us who had to overcome more than our fair share of social and economic obstacles in order to reach our professional goals.

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