June 12, 2015 Articles

The Importance of Paying It Back

By Tiffany D. Gehrke

As lawyers, we are uniquely equipped to help others. We not only have been trained to problem solve, but we also have been given special responsibility under the law that enables us to speak or act on behalf of others. We should not take this responsibility for granted. Pro bono work is essential to keeping our legal system flowing and to ensuring that legal services are not reserved only for the most affluent sector of society. Through pro bono work, we can hone our professional skills in addition to helping those in need.

Pro bono work enables you to expand both your comfort zone and the experiences from which you can draw. Those of us with a practice that primarily involves “business” matters do not often get to have the same types of experiences that a family law, personal injury, or criminal law attorney encounters. Volunteering that puts us in contact with people needing legal services is a wonderful way to enhance our communication skills. Learning to present complex legal jargon in a clear, understandable way is an essential skill for any good lawyer.

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