March 09, 2015 Articles

Growing into a Leadership Role at Your Firm

By Christine A. Amalfe

As an attorney, you face different professional and personal choices at various points in your career. This is especially true for women lawyers, who often are striving to achieve career goals while planning and raising families, tending to elderly parents, or volunteering their time to causes and organizations. Any woman lawyer therefore must consider professional and personal choices in the context of her career goals. The precise path up the corporate or law firm ladder will differ from lawyer to lawyer. The steps necessary to continue on the path, however, are very much the same. Leadership and professional development are important steps along the long path to success in the practice of law.

At a law firm, there are various positions that can help you move up the law firm ladder. You can seek the opportunity to be a staffing partner, pro bono administrator, women’s initiative chairperson, practice group leader, department chair, executive committee member, managing partner, or head of any of the other numerous committees and initiatives that are so integral to the operation of the firm. Before considering these options, however, consider what it takes to be a successful leader, one who advances the strategies of the organization through her own vision, while also inspiring creativity, productivity, and loyalty throughout the ranks. Do you have what it takes? Is the time right for you to pursue a leadership role? Consider these questions as you prepare for the challenge.

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