June 12, 2015 Articles

The Benefits of Service in the Public SectorNew

By Barbara A. Knapic

I’m kidding, right? I want you to add public service to your already overextended schedule? Yes, I do. I want you to contact your local government—city, county, state—or political party of your choice and let them know you are willing to sit on a commission or a board or to run for office. Believe me, the benefits are immense, both to the public entity and to you.

Although there are now more women attending and graduating from college than men, we are still sorely underrepresented in the public sector. Why does that matter? Because if we are on boards and commissions and in office, we are in an ideal position to advocate for more women to be selected for those posts. We are in a position to advance issues that interest and concern us. And a diversity of opinion and viewpoints adds dimension to the conversation and, ultimately, a better outcome.

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