August 27, 2015 Articles

The Three Ps of Expert Depositions: Planning, Preparation, and Personality

By Renée Miller-Mizia and Elaine Wood

“The most effective expert witnesses are skilled raconteurs who explain their opinions and analyses in simple terms that are easily understood and comprehensible. Sometimes they even make us laugh. But what influences the effective expert’s ability to come across so well during a deposition? Are the expert’s skills innate, learned, or practiced?

This article gathers information from experienced expert witnesses about the factors that can maximize the effectiveness of expert testimony. As you will see, advance planning and preparation can influence effectiveness. And, while an expert’s personality is an inherent factor, being aware of certain aspects of expert demeanor can enhance the effectiveness of the expert’s testimony. We have summed up these factors as the “three Ps”: planning, preparation, and personality.

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