August 29, 2014 Articles

Tips for Generating Business in Untapped Markets

By Jane I. Milas

Few lawyers find business development and marketing easy. Marketing yourself as a woman litigator to an industry largely dominated by male litigators can be even more of a challenge. Challenges, however, present opportunities. The following is some practical advice for taking on those challenges, developed over a career spent litigating in a male-dominated practice area and industry.

Start with the Right Mindset
Athletes often are coached to visualize a successful golf swing, a perfect race, the home-run hit. In the athlete’s mind’s eye, he or she goes through each element of the swing, each step of the foot, picturing success at the end of the process. Women litigators can learn much from this approach. To be successful in marketing ourselves, we need to start with the right mindset. We need to understand our value as litigators, as legal advisors, as mediators or arbitrators. We need to visualize successfully making the new client contact. When you have a realistic view of the skills and experience you can bring to a matter, you are much less likely to be intimidated by the task of marketing yourself to decision makers who have not generally hired women litigators before. And you are much less likely to talk yourself out of going after the work that up to this point may have gone to your male counterparts.

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